Gas Bottles Standards

All gasses from Woikoski cylinders meet the requirements of the pressure equipment directive and in accordance with the kaasukohtaisilla valves are equipped with a standard.

Pressure: 150 bar, depending on the type of gas, 200 bar or 300 bar

The standard bottle sizes: 2-50 liters

Materials: steel, aluminium

Valves: brass or stainless steel

The bottles are equipped with permanently-installed or portable avokuvuilla kokokuvuilla.

Gas cylinder identification takes place in the bottle neck of the hull and coloration and wing label, as well as on the basis of the part of the stamp of the shoulder.

Bottle handling

Follow the instructions on the processing of the gas bottle.Transport and storage shall take account of the provisions of the public authorities.

  • Check out the gas (k) yttöturvallisuustiedotteeseen.
  • Handle the bottles always carefully and with caution.
  • Empty gas cylinders must always be treated as if they are full.
  • Do not remove or damage the flask mounted stickers
  • The fall of the bottles must be stopped and be protected against shocks.
  • Make sure the gas cylinder content always prior to deployment.
  • Always use protective gloves.
  • Protection hood must be used always bottles not
  • Always use a bottle of carts or bottle cart bottles.
  • Do not lift the bottle glass or container.
  • Always use the gas pressure referred to in the control. The (adaptereiden) is prohibited.
  • Protects the bottle away from heat and do not ever heat the gas bottles. Open the bottle valve slowly.
  • Close the valve when the bottle is not used.
  • Hold the bottle valve and other equipment clean of dirt and oil.
  • Leave the gas flask 2 PSIG pressure.

If you are unsure about the correct handling of a gas or a gas bottle, contact the manufacturer of the gas.