Get to Know a Few More Books on Cycling

In the previous post, we know some books about cycling. In this post, we will bring some more options for you who loves to practice the cycling, but want to deepen their knowledge through reading. Reading can also help to enrich our practice! After all, who wrote the book, has a lot of experience and can pass on to you.

Get to Know a Few More Books on Cycling

Let’s go meet some more reading options?

Cicloviagens 2017. The author Caroline Beard, tells the story of how he decided to venture out with the husband and the brother-in-law to do cicloviagens. Excellent for those who want to make the Circuit of the Trees, because the author describes how was your experience on the pedal in this circuit.

Walking Dreams: 365 days biking through South America. Author Thiago Fantinatti. The cyclist has travelled independently and without hurry, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Pampas to the Atacama, the Andes to the Amazon. There were more than 15,000 km pedalados. It is worth reading about this adventure.

Expedition The Royal Route – The Old Path. Of Ednar Maciel & John Hebert. Tells how two friends decided to fulfill his dream and venturing with the bike.

More than a lion per day. The journalist Alexandre Costa Nascimento. The book talks about his experience in being the first brazilian to participate in the Tour d’ Afrique. The challenge is to go through 12 thousand kilometers that separate the Cairo in Egypt, Cape Town, South Africa. An excellent book for professional cyclists.

The race is the secret of Lance Armstrong. Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coyle. This paper makes a reflection about professional cycling and the issues that need to be solved in this modality of sport.

Mobility by bicycle in Brazil. the title is a collection of articles and analyses the motivation of people to cycling in 10 of the most important cities of the country. You can download through this link:

We hope that you have enjoyed our suggestions. And we wish you a good reading!