Giro Launches’economical’ Version of Helmet with MIPS Technology

Derived from the top-of-the-line Synthe model, the new Cinder Giro makes multi-directional impact protection technology more accessible

One of the most renowned manufacturers of cycling helmets, Giro has announced the launch of Cinder MIPS, the version of its mid-cost model that incorporates multi-directional protection against impacts of the same name.

Developed earlier this decade, the Multidirectional Impact Protection System(MIPS) technology is composed of a thin layer of a synthetic compound held parallel to the helmet shell by a series of elastomers that flex In all directions around the head, cushioning much of the rotational forces exerted during an angular impact, absorbing up to 50% of the rotational acceleration.

Introduced in 2015 in its helmet catalog, the technology was adopted by Giro first in the top-of-the-line helmet SintCom MIPS, an advanced aero design model that combines a style of its own with the best features of its predecessors, Air Attack and Aeone.

With the launch of the new Cinder MIPS Giro, the US brand now offers a helmet model with MIPS technology at a much more affordable price.

Just like Synthe MIPS, the new MIPS Cinder. Is constructed from an InMold polycarbonate casing with expanded polystyrene(EPS) structure and no less than 26 ventilation ducts internally channeled to ensure optimum airflow.

The new Cinder MIPS features the RocLoc 5 restraint system, which allows you to adjust the tension and positioning with just one hand; In addition to the Air-FX inner padding, lighter and more comfortable.

Designed for use in road cycling and mountain biking XCMarathon, Giro Cinder MIPS arrives in the country through Isapa, official distributor of the Giro brand in Brazil, in three sizes available(S, M and L) and six options of Colors at the suggested price of 999 reais.