Gola-Trendaccessory Backpack in the Advent Calendar

What are the hottest big city trends this year? Backpacks. The extremely handy baking packs are just about everything we have to carry around with us in everyday life.  We have our hands free, spare our backs and improve our posture. 
If you do not have a backpack in your wardrobe, you should definitely participate in our today’s competition. Two gorgeous backpacks from Gola,the British lifestyle brand that has its roots in the sportswear sector, will be raffled .

The Gola Barlowe is a casual stylish companion with padded shoulder strap and back. Quick access to the spacious interior compartment facilitates side zipper. We have the Gola Barlowe for you in charcoal/navy or black/tan.

How can you win one of the stylish Gola backpacks?

  • Leave a comment here under the post or on our Facebook page. Why do you love backpacks?
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  • If you make the contest more popular by replayingthe contest tweet, replaying the winning game pin, sharing the Google+ post , or revising the Instagram image, you’ll gain an additional lot for each of these activities that increases the winning probability.

The entry is on 9.12.2015 at 23:59. The winner will be determined on a random basis on 10.12.2015 and will be informed in writing by e-mail and Facebook, as the case may be.

The next door of our advent calendar opens here .

Good luck!