Guide for Vintage Glacier Glasses

At higher altitudes the sun is particularly intensive, glacier glasses walks in mountain regions is therefore an absolute must. For glacier tours, we recommend a particularly opaque disk of category 4.

Guide for Vintage Glacier Glasses

The glacier glasses – essential accessory for any climb!

The higher you go, the sunlight becomes stronger. Rays that are not filtered through the earth’s atmosphere have unfiltered on skin and eyes. A high-quality snow goggles is therefore indispensable.

The selection of the appropriate snow goggles is facilitated by the reference to the category on the one hand, on the other hand, but also the fit is crucial. Glacier glasses constantly slips by the nose, it is only an obstacle and not sufficiently protects from harmful rays. Also a lateral anti-glare is useful (some glacier glasses this is removable), in order to ensure all-round reliable sun protection.

Hide visible rays, they irritate and overwhelm the eye. In particular reflections on snow and ice, they become unbearable. The glasses of our glacier goggles reduce not only dazzling reflections, also preventing harmful invisible rays.

The categories

For glacier glasses, it is advisable to select on internetages, at least category 3 for mountain hiking, glacier tours a particularly opaque disc glacier glasses of category 4.

Eyeglass lenses are divided into the following categories:

Category 0: 80 – 100% light transmission

Category 1: 43 – 80% light transmission

Category 2: 18 – 43% light transmission

Category 3: 8-18% light transmission

Category 4: 3-8% light transmission (not road ready!)

All the models of glasses offer 100% UV protection.