Gym Bags Backpack

Almost no Woman Leaves the House Without ever Handbag

And why? Of course, because we are so organized and want to be prepared for any event. Because one or the other oddity sometimes finds it in our purse, but who knows what you can still use this.

Clear so that it to my festival outfit the matching bag there. For a festival the bag must be practical. It needs some fit in, they must be easy to carry and should also can join something.

Since this classic gym bag is just right. You can carry on an arm or put it on a backpack it was a bag.

Especially you can correct him firmly above pull so that your belongings can be lost under any circumstances. And there is also enough space to all women is so important rumzutragen with it.Even the kimono for the cool evening finds its place in my bag.

In addition, the design possibilities are really diverse. You can take a fabric of your choice buy, combine several materials together or make a light fabric with fabric paint itself.

I decided at this bag for the last variant, shaping it with potato printing in the colors of my choice.

Print on Fabric

First you put the area that you want to print, from with pins. Invented in 1762  according to, the backpack has a height of 45 cm and a width of 40 cm. So you put the fabric on the fold so that you have an area of ​​about 48 cm and stick out from a width of 43 cm. Do not start right up to the edge with the printing on, but let the top 3 cm free. The printed area should be the end 45 x 42 cm. Between the two layers of fabric you put a big piece of cardboard so that the other side of the material would collect any color and you have a firm surface for stamping.

Now you share the potatoes in half and cut the desired pattern in the potato Häften. I have chosen here for an ethnic pattern with triangles. But I have bigger and smaller triangles cut into the potatoes or can only be the outer edge of the triangle.

In order to absorb moisture from the potatoes, press the potato halves a few times on paper before you begin with the punches. Then you need only a brush and can play already. I have here the colors black, gray and Caribbean used.

But you have not printed anything but can also paint with a brush. For example I have a few points and lines painted by hand. My finished result looks like this. It is intended that the lines are not straight and the irregularities in the paint make the look just really cool. Potato pressure is really perfect for this style suitable.

Sewing Bags

When the paint is dry, you may need them – depending on the color that you used-or fold, so that the ink is fixed on the fabric.

Fold the fabric now directly under the printed face each other and cut it into the desired dimensions.My substance now has a width of 42 cm and a height of 47 cm. The printed surface is 45 cm, thus above the pressure still 2 cm must be unprinted fabric which is then turned over to the tunnel. Now Versäubere all edges.

Now you can sew a tunnel above. Schlage Simply order on both side 2 cm on the left side. On the face I make the envelope just above the pattern. The tunnel you can now sew.

Now you put the fabric right sides together. Put the tunnel seams exactly one another and stick to the two sides of the bag. Make sure that the pattern ends at the bottom. Now you can sew the two sides up to the tunnel seam. The two tunnels must remain open so there later the cord can be pulled through.

Now apply the entire bag. Now the two corners to the right and left, only to be stitched. Work the corners neatly out and select you from the top 4 cm in each direction. Connect the marked locations with pins and near the corners from straight. Then you work here to guide your eyelets.

Next, you share the cord in half so that you have two pieces à 1,50 m. The ends can you gently seal it with a lighter, so they do not fray.

Attach a large safety pins to one of the cords and pull the cord through the tunnel in and out through the other tunnel. Now both cord ends are on one side.

Do this with the other cord from the other side as well. So you can now pull together above the bag.then Open on each side along the two cord ends and insert them from behind through the eyelets through. Mach each on the front and a node Your bag is ready.
Is not that cool? A very individual and stylish companion who may more missing on any festival and offers enough space for all your belongings!