Headlight F.VitÓRia Af-6610 380000w 1160000

The F-Head Victory AF-6610 380000w 1160000 Lumens T6 is ideal for mountaineering, cycling, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity. It has high durability, machined in magnesium alloy, non-deformable, waterproof and anti-corosive.

Characteristics / Specifications:

– Has a life of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours

– Adjustable focus zoom: 1~2000x

– Three modes of operation: Low light, high light and strobe (blinks).

– Connectors equipped with high-quality anti-shock seals.

– Rechargeable lithium battery.

– The battery has a long period of energy storage if it is always kept charged.

– Led charging indicator, green for charged and red for charging.

– ATTENTION!!! According to toughestflashlights, dispose of the battery in an appropriate location.When you are camping,  do not dispose of, dispose of, dispose of, dispose of or dispose of in fire or explosion.

– Do not direct the beam directly into the eyes, it can cause eye injury and even blindness.

– Do not disassemble reflective glasses and lamps to avoid damage.

– Avoid prolonged or prolonged exposure to the sun.

Warranty: 3 months

Included Items:

– 1 Headlight F. Victory AF-6610 380000w 1160000 Lumens T6

– 1 Adjustable head support

– 1 Lithium Battery (rechargeable)

– 1 Power supply

– 1 Car charger

– 1 Bag

– 1 Bicycle Lighthouse


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