Helmet Care-a New Life for Your Helmet

Because the image of a motorcyclist reflects above all what is on his mind.

There is nothing more depressing than walking with an old helmet in hand. Worse, just having to stick it in his head. And it’s often heartbroken that we have to spend money to buy a new one, when the old one still guarantees good safety, and it just looks very bad. 
From now on this problem is solved! Helmet Care guarantees a professional treatment to our old helmet, leaving it again with the dignity and the brilliance of old. Or at least, looking much better than he was!
If your helmet is in relatively good condition, for only 25 euros you can do a simple cleaning, and keep it clean, polished and disinfected. Small new parts or visors that need to be installed are obviously paid separately.
In the most dramatic cases, where it is necessary to disassemble the entire helmet to wash the linings and replace foams, the value already rises to 60 euros. Also in this case, parts and rubbers are paid separately.
If your helmet is really a pity but has sentimental value and you really want to get it back, then the work is subject to budget.
According to dorsetbudget, in any case, the helmets are subject to a rigorous inspection upon arrival, and their general condition is recorded and the client receives a proof of delivery with the cost of the intervention.
Filipe Iglésias, together with his wife Sibelle, invested precisely two years ago in this project. At the beginning, Filipe defined the lines of business and invested 500 euros in a working capital to buy materials. He set a 45-day break-even goal and it was almost with astonishment that he saw his plans pay off. Only a year later, Helmet Care had already maintained more than 300 helmets, and by the end of a year and a half, the count had already exceeded 600 interventions.
These days, you have no hands to measure, and you have very little room left to store more helmets. That’s why new customers already have waiting times much higher than what Philip liked.
Partnerships such as BMW Motorrad, which, through the dealer network, sends you all the helmets in need of maintenance, and advertising strategies well delineated with partners like Barbour International, whom Filipe does the decoration of shop windows with The vintage helmets restored from their own collection, contributed in large part to the success of this project.

Helmet Care’s assiduous presence in motor-driven events also helped to catapult this young company into fame. But like in every business, the “pass-word” of the clientele was instrumental in cementing the results.
The quality of the products it employs, such as glues, detergents, lubricants, foams and fabrics, together with the special attention it gives to small details, such as disinfection and Your business and ensure continuity.
Usually helmets leaving Helmet Care, and because only operations are performed that do not change the original structure of the Helmet Care, guarantee the safety conditions of the factory and, consequently, the physical integrity of its owners. But there are cases in which Philip is taking over the reconstruction of very old and damaged helmets, which obviously are only meant to be part of exhibitions.
So you know, take that old helmet that you love but it’s already in a deplorable condition, or the one that was your great-grandfather’s but it’s breaking up and so you can not display it, and take it to Helmet Care .