Helps Prevent Head Injuries by Up to 90%

A study by the Mapfre Foundation in Spain concluded that wearing a helmet prevents two out of three serious head injuries caused by bicycle accidents.

For those who still had doubts about wearing a helmet when cycling, even during a simple ride, the study clarifies the issue. The use of the helmet prevents between 40 and 90 percent of the traumatic injuries, and in the case of children the result points to the top of this interval.

The analysis of the statistical data of the Spanish researchers allowed to conclude that, in 2010, there were 3606 accidents involving cyclists, 3429 of whom were injured and 67 even died. 69% of these accidents occurred in urban areas, but most of the fatalities-73%-took place on the road, with men accounting for 90% of fatalities. Between 2008 and 2010, 50% of fatal accidents with cyclists also involved cars, 25% trucks or buses, 19% did not involve any vehicle, 8% had another type of non-discriminatory vehicle and only 2% of accidents occurred involving motorcycles. According to the European Observatory for Road Safety, the most important factor in bicycle accidents is the lack of visibility, even during the day, as it happens that in countries where the tradition of cycling is lower, drivers are not paying attention Due to cyclists on the road.

In the analysis of accidents, it was also concluded that, in adults, helmets have an efficiency between 63 and 88% in head protection, which is very important, since three out of four cyclist deaths are due to head injuries.