How Much Should You Drink While Running

Running is one of the most popular and most strenuous sports. Your body loses through which high intensity while driving much moisture. Dehydration leads quickly to reduced performance is important to drink while you drive.The amount of fluid you lose with running, depends on various factors, such as duration and intensity of exercise, the temperature and your clothes. In addition, some people sweat under the same conditions much more than others.?? Also the type of your day?? can affect the amount of fluid you lose. If you’re a little tired at night drinking alcohol can interfere with your sweat production.

How much should you drink while driving?

Ideally, you should keep your hydra levels entirely while driving with good water bottles. To get an idea of how much fluid you lose when you are driving, go immediately before and immediately after your running sessions on the scale. The weight difference between the two measurements is roughly the amount of fluid you consume.
In many cases, however, it is almost impossible to fill up to 100% humidity during the run. The combination of the warm weather and an intense workout can easily lead to the loss of more than one litre of water per hour. Both practically and physically as much drink very difficult.
A little moisture loss is not very happy; The general guideline for acceptable?? ?? moisture loss is 2% of your body weight. For a runner at 60 kilos is so fluid 1.2 litres. Will you come over to 2%, it will be degraded performance. Which would make a runner training for two hours and she loses one litre of fluid per hour, she at least 800 ml, 100 ml per quarter, to drink to stay below 2%.

Water or sports drink when you drive?

Sufficient drinking while driving is important, but what can you drink? Water, sports drinks, tea, cola? During extended hard running sessions, the next correct fluid balance is also a good energy balance. Your body has a fuel tank?? ?? where enough energy is on average one to two hours with relatively high intensity to be able to exercise without fuel??? ??. If the tank is empty, ask your body carbohydrates/sugar, but often also to minerals such as salt. To fill these gaps, you can drink a sports drink during your driving.
To your stomach and intestines is not too much to continue the work, is a carbohydrate content of 3-8%.Obviously there are alternative to sports drinks. Some runners swear by a cup of warm tea with a little sugar, other select cola without bubbles. Who drinks for you and your stomach is best is a matter of trying. No matter what you drink, is the advice given in the beginning of your workout or competition to start drinking and not wait until you are thirsty. Thirst is a sign of your body that you?? Re late?? drink.

Tips for drinking while driving

To summarize this article are some tips that can help keep your moisture balance while running.

  • Drink on hot days just before training 0.25-0.50 l moisture buffertje?? a?? Construction
  • Check your urinary a few hours after your workout. The lighter/more transparent, the better hydration. Darkening often show a lack of moisture.
  • Buy a treadmill that bottles you wear on your hips. While walking, you will not be affected.Depending on the make and model you struggled to take up to one litre.
  • For long distance runners are known camelbacks. Ergonomic rucksacks with an ingenious system of liquid through a tube where you can get moisture up to three or four litres.
  • Try the workout sports drink several brands and see which is best for you. Avoid relying on during a race a brand sport beverage that you don’t know or you don’t want to.