How to Choose a Good Thermos

I can’t remember how much I had a thermos bottle. Once I had to frequently travel around the country, and long distance road trip without thermos bottle can not do. Today, the thermos bottle is in almost every home, it will be used, as a rule, to the hot was hot for as long as possible.

However, the wonderful thermos keep hot foods and drinks cold, but that its characteristics are very few people use it.

In any case, the question of how to choose a good thermos bottle, meaning for many people. The most important criteria are a good thermos: it has a long “hold” temperature and will not continue. In addition to the basic requirements, is the other. They are caused by the circumstances in which it is designed to work with the thermos bottle and that it will continue.

The most popular are the two types of thermoses-drinks and food. There are also variations, such as a cup or thermos jug in the soup, but from the species they differ significantly. Thermos beverage has a narrow neck, and a small diameter of the cylinder cover (cover) with or without venttiil to find jobs. The diameter of the larger food thermos bottle and the neck is a lot wider than the thermos bottle drinks. Sometimes, these bottles are equipped with dining facilities. When you get to choose the food thermos bottle of fork and spoon, and without them, calmly, select the second option. First of all, they are not very convenient to use, and secondly, they attach to the chassis with a thermos flask often interfere with stacking items in the trunk of the vehicle. But a number of containers, which you can put a variety of products, will not be in vain.

Thermoses from drinking can be a glass bottle or metal. You can answer the question, how to choose a good thermos bottle, it is necessary to know the purpose for which it is used. If you’re going to BREW the fragrant herbal teas, then select the thermos bottle in a glass bulb. It is, of course, be able to compete with the strength of the metal, but it is significantly better hygiene. This thermos is not that strange smell, which will eventually happen in the metal flask, and if it looks like you can buy a new bottle.

thermos glass (mirror) lamp does not pay to buy trips and tours for you. If it is equipped with a classic CAP, as it happens, in addition to the risk of breaking the glass is very high. I remember, as a completely new thermos had only 300 metres away. We went ice fishing and a pond near his car was hit by a snow-swept the track. Thermos … jumped up and brought down the puddle at my feet. Well, it was a Rubber boots, and then we would go home. In the “minus twenty” wet shoes do not notify!

How to choose a good thermos bottle, if you plan to actively use them? First, I would advise you to choose proven brands. Let’s say you pay a little more, but really a good thing, that will serve you for years to come. There are a number of manufacturers, is specialized in the production of thermos bottles. In their products and to choose from. Secondly, when you buy a shake flask. If there is something inside the triangle, even if only a little, do not take it. See how well and closely with the screw cap. If it is simply placed on the CAP, the thermos can proceed, reliable screw cap.

When purchasing a thermos bottle, you can specify what it is made of metal. At first glance, they are all bright and beautiful, that is just to keep the temperature somehow different. I like things to be difficult.Because of this, it should not weigh in such as plastics. Maybe I’m wrong, but by purchasing a thermos bottle, I will choose the one that is heavier. The quality of the metal and the smell may indicate. Open the bottle and smell as the smell of the flask. If the smell is unpleasant, it is not necessary to buy a thermos bottle. Then-a good thermos bottle, if the temperature of the boiling water, pour in the frame does not change. This is another way to check the quality of your purchase. One is the store of hot water thermos to fill, you will get.

As soon as the stainless steel thermos bottle, I immediately bought a product from one of the well known manufacturers. This thermos bottle is my family, and to this day, and the rest-or “lost” or have not been tested, and gives off those who don’t measure up (like my family), while the kilometres, and only occasionally enjoys the thermos bottle on the weekends.

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