How to Choose the Right Backpack

At that Bolzano this school back in 2014 has already begun, and soon will touch the kids from all over Italy. Among the first banks of the concerns of parents is one that recurs often in the form of question:”The backpack is bad for your back my son.” In this in-depth focus we will give you information on this and many useful tips for how to choose a backpack and how to wear it.

The Problems Associated with School Backpack

Let’s start by telling you that, yes, you are right to ask if the backpack will hurt the back of your child. Usually the guys tend to wear the backpack over one shoulder only. By doing so the muscles are subjected to considerable effort, as they try to compensate for an uneven weight distribution. The spine makes lever on the opposite side, putting the strings the middle of the back, the ribs and the lower part of the back itself, more on one side than another.

This type of muscle imbalance can not be underestimated: it can lead to fatigue, spasms and back pain who, as time goes on – if not treated immediately with the chiropractic sessions – can worsen. A heavy backpack can pull the neck muscles and contribute to headaches, pain in the shoulder, neck, arm. So, in summary, if you chose the wrong model, or badly worn also the right one, the risks of the backpack are these:

distortion of the natural curvature of the spine in the middle and at the end of the back, with a muscle strain and irritation to the vertebrae;

curvature of the shoulders;

unbalancing forward, balance and reduce fall risk.

How to Choose the Right Backpack

Before you see how to wear a backpack, try to understand how to choose well. Choose a backpack at wholesale price from, in fact, it is the first thing you need to do to protect the health of your child at school.

The best backpacks for school have these characteristics:

bearings on the part that rests on your back;

padded armrests for added comfort at shoulder level;

belt to the hips or belly positioned on the back and helpful to remove some weight from his back;

several internal and external pockets, in order better to distribute the weight of the objects within it;

reflector on the back, for security on the street.

When you buy a backpack for your child, make sure it has all these features.

How to Wear the Backpack Properly

And now we have explained the cases in which a backpack can hurt his back, and how to choose the safest model, we want to tell you a little more about how to do it properly wear your son.

To wear a backpack safely, print this list:

you have to use both shoulder straps;

backpack should be worn at the exact center of the back to reduce muscle strain;

the backpack should not be worn more than 10 cm below the waist;

the straps should be adjusted so that your arms have the right and freedom of movement so that the boy can slip it and remove it easily;

You must not turn its back too much when she slips and slips off the backpack;

better to put the heaviest items closest to the back.

And here’s another piece of information to keep in mind.

The weight of the backpack should not exceed 10/15% of the body weight of those who wear it.

To close, we’ll leave you with an infographic that contains these plus other useful tips. But you remember that it is important to follow the precautions; Consult a chiropratrico to preserve the health of your child is vital. We wait in our chiropractic studies of Como or Reggio Emilia.