How to Choose Your Outfit Fitness

How to Choose Your Outfit Fitness?

Choose her outfit fitness is not an easy task. Several criteria are taken into consideration. The choice of fabric is important and depends on the kind of physical activity you are going to exercise. Bodybuilding, endurance, soft gym, each sport her outfit.

How to Choose Your Outfit Fitness

At present, it is increasingly easy to equip with democratic prices. But facing off choices available to you to choose an outfit for fitness, it is sometimes easy to lose it.
Yet it is essential to choose an outfit for fitness that really suits your needs. For sports, you necessarily need a comfortable fit and meet specific technical criteria.

What Held for Endurance Activities?

The Choice of Materials

To spend you physically comfortable during your endurance training (training on collective or machinery during cycling type), we advise you to choose synthetic materials designed to wick away perspiration. The Domyos clothing designed for endurance activities use the Equarea® technology. With its system 1,2,3, you stay dry. In fact, the fabric absorbs moisture, transfers it to the outside, and diffuse to dry quickly. So you can give everything and be sure to stay dry and cool.

Clothes for Cardio training

Shorts, leggings, sweat pants, T-shirt or tank top: up to you! Be guided by a model in which you feel comfortable repeated efforts. If you practice BKING, provide specialized clothing for this exercise: cycling shorts, shorty or overalls fitted with a “skin” foam ensure a comfortable fit. Choosing a good fitness shoe is also decisive.

What Held for Bodybuilding?

The Choice of Materials

If you want to primarily sculpt your body, choose materials composed mainly of cotton. Our fitness clothes are designed from a technical cotton absorbs perspiration and decreasing the sensation of wetness on the skin. You are assured to workout while staying dry.

Clothes for Bodybuilding

If you are new to strength training, go for a V-neck shirt and long shorts.

By cons, if you target the performance and you exercise regularly already, orient yourself an outfit of compression types. It will help reduce muscle fatigue. Lightweight and flexible, her outfits are like a second skin. Finally, remember to wear appropriate shoes fitness.

Accessories for Bodybuilding

You may think unnecessary but bodybuilding gloves may be necessary to protect your hands and provide a better grip during bar taken.
A weight lifting belt will help keep the lower back while a waist belt, higher, is provided with reinforcements that minimize traumatic movements. Ideal for heavy lifting.

What Outfit for Yoga or Gentle Gym?

The Choice of Materials

If you become soft gym activity, prefer natural materials like cotton or opt for the viscose-modal blends or cotton-elastane smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Clothing for Yoga or Gentle Gym

To start a soft gym activity, we recommend that you  choose a shirt/fluid tank top and pants/shorts comfortable.   Again, there is no rule to you to choose the topper that you is best to work smoothly. Non-slip socks will be useful to keep in touch from the ground in such activities. Finally, consider a warm jacket for relaxing late in the session.

If you’re more adept dynamic yoga, turn instead to Actizen our collection, a line of clothing specifically designed to bring more well-being during practice. Anatomical inserts available to these clothes follow the natural elasticity of the skin and allow you to move freely. The fabrics have also been designed to allow the skin to breathe and stay dry during exercise.

Accessories for Yoga

You’re not going to risk practicing yoga on the floor. A yoga mat is essential for your relaxation exercises. It will protect your knees and joints during the postures. You can also bring you a yoga brick to help you work your balance and flexibility.