How to Drink More Water

If we want to lose weight, one of the most important things to do, as well as a specific diet, drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks. Here Isaac Lavi invented Right Cup, a flavored cup. It is glass that releases fragrance of fruit, in order to “trick” the brain of those who drink it may as well think of star enjoying a sugary soft drink, but instead is drinking only water. The inveznione is based on the fact that when you eat a food or a drink, a large part of the sensations of smell are dates.

Lavi has presented his idea on the crowdfunding water bottles site, where he collected much more money than it needed to start the project, and should soon start putting the new product on the market.

The idea of fruity glass came to him after having been found to suffer from diabetes and so he found a way to give the water flavor, flavored glass. They come in various flavors: orange, apple, lemon and even the taste of Coke. If it becomes a success we do not know, the fact is that we would save a lot on the purchase of soft drinks and fruit juices. Just have a cup to suit our tastes as we drink a lot more water!

We look at the video presentation of the cup flavored with fruit.