How to Go on Vacation with a Baby

Here is what it says the pediatrician on holidays with children and how to better organize a trip with them either at sea or in the mountains. In summary it is good to take the kids on a vacation where they can play outdoors, exit the routine and stress of city life.

Of destinations to choose for a perfect holiday with their children we have discussed again and again. But what does the pediatrician on this subject?

“Children are less demanding than what we adults think, since they often barely enough to have fun: stay with parents and play with them.”

This is the meaning of what the Professor Ferrari is in his books, is this exchange of questions and answers with the parents, struggling with child resistant and travel.

Where is good to go on holiday with children?

It is important to take the kids to locations where they could live more easily in touch with nature and its key issues such as clean air and sunshine, far from any kind of pollution. You have to take them in places other than those where, unfortunately, customarily. Then, sea, mountains, hills, Plains, are all fine as long as the outdoors.

Children can go to sea from an early age?

Yes, even from the earliest days of life. Also, there are no contraindications. However, the most suitable months are as follows: the second half of June, July, August and September. For children, the more they are at sea, the better.

The sea’s nervous children?

Someone says that to stay long at sea makes the child, “nervous”. I hope people stop saying things incorrect. Check here to see a water bottle for kids.

Children can go to the mountains for holidays?

You can go to any altitude and at any age! (including babies!) It is good to spend the day outdoors paying attention only to sudden changes of temperature and temperature range.