How to Make a Water Bottle Thermos


The firm of geometry. Tablets of the smooth and rough.

A box 2 compartments containing 5 or 6 pairs of bottles filled with water at different temperatures.

1st step

Solicits the child “you come to work with me now.”The educator:

  • Take the child to the shelf, takes the box of the thermal bottles, then moved to the table of presentations. She put the box at the top right, on its cover.
  • Out the bottles by mixing on the table.
  • Takes the hottest bottle. The key with the Palm of the hand of each of his hands. Invite the child to do the same.
  • Do the same with the coldest bottle.
  • “Do you feel the same?
  • Put the coldest tablet in front of the child.
  • Includes all other tablets.
  • “Close your eyes”.
  • “You take a bottle, you touch. You touch that is in front of you again if you don’t remember. Do your fingers feel the same? Isn’t it? Then we’ll put it there.” The layout is the same for all updates in pair.
  • “You take another.
  • If they are the same, it sets them apart at the top left.
  • The child finishes only.
  • Error control: Visual, when the child opens the eyes, tablets are not of the same color.
  • If he made a mistake: “you will train you.
  • They rank, and will put the box on the shelf.

step 2

Once the child has well trained eyes closed and he had the vocabulary lesson… The educator:

  • Takes the most and the least hot bottles. Touches them. Do touch the child.
  • “Do you feel the same when you touch?
  • Spread the two thermos cleaned as a water bottle.
  • Takes a Tablet intermediary space between the two.
  • “You put the other bottles from the warmer to the cooler?
  • When the child did: “you check by touching the tablets, starting with the left.”
  • It does not check.
  • Attention always hit with the same hand, not one hand then another (to resume the child if he does this).

Direct purpose : Discriminate objects without seeing them.

Indirect purpose: Push the s education touch ens.

Point of interest : Recognize an object without looking at.

Control of the error: Distinguish the volume to the touch.

Activity is granted when: the child doing the exercise in a concentrated way, by correctly naming the objects.

Age of child: 3 years – 3 years ½.

Later activities

Flavor, scent bottles.