How to Make Fishing Bids for Surfcasting

Fishing to surfcasting is one of the most popular fishing methods, and perhaps that is why the fish begin to dread from the coasts away from the fishermen.Hence it is so important now to know how to make a good fishing lance to reach greater distances without breaking the line or suffer the blows of the wind and the rocky bottoms.

In view of this need, today at PescaCosmar we want to teach you the different techniques for fishing tackle surfcasting, as well as recommendations according to the weather, sea conditions, and some tricks to improve and save long distances.

Honoring The Principles Of Surfcasting

In English the word surfcasting refers to the move on the waves, that is to say, that more than a technique of coast, the modality of surfcasting is based on the launch to be placed behind the breakwater and to catch the fish that distance of the same.

4 launch techniques have been developed that assume a different scope and use depending on the conditions that we find. But before talking about them, it is significant to know that not only a good fishing lance helps you in the day, but also the equipment that we use and the bait that allows you to gain precision and effectiveness.

Proper equipment to make a good fishing pitch Surfcasting

Fishing Rod For Surfcasting

The Reeds Used In This Mode Are The Longest, exceeding 4 meters, the more distance you want to cover the longer it will be, but keep in mind that your control over it decreases if it is too long for your height. On the other hand the most recommended material is carbon because it allows a wider range of action.

Keep in mind also the rings, those that are low rider are much more convenient during the throw, however the balloon agrees in season of algae. If you need more details, click here.

Fishing Reel For Surfcasting

The surfcasting reel must be made of a highly corrosion resistant material, which is comfortable and ergonomic for both left-handers and right-handeders, as well as having good yarn capacity and a strong brake. Here I leave you a top of the 6 best reels for surfcasting.

Surfcasting Threads

The fish more difficult to deceive are those that are closer to the shore, for them we will use the threads of fluorocarbon, in contrast for the sets farthest from the coast it is convenient to use a conical thread, since the line closest to the bait will be Thinner, while the one near the reel is kept thicker and stronger to prevent it from being cut.


When It Does not make too much wind an oval lead will work perfectly, however for the days of wind it is advisable to use an aerodynamic lead that cuts the wind so as not to lose the precision.

The bait

The Further You want to throw, the lighter bait should be, usually in these cases are used beach worm, instead for dams near the shore is more advisable to use a fatter and attractive bait.

Here is a summary of how the equipment and baits used influence the surfcasting fishing bid:

How to Make Fishing Lances-Techniques for Surfcasting

Surfcasting Professionals Can Discuss A Lot About Baits And Tricks To Get More Catches, but something that everyone agrees on is that; It is not the force but the technique that guarantees a good fishing lance. According to alltimefishing, even so, there are three ways to do this, which cover lesser or greater distances.

Before teaching you the proper technique, we recommend that when you go to practice only the lower part of the reed, once you get used to making the movement fluid, you can go to the beach or a large field to practice with the full reed. If you feel ready to fish, start in an area where there are no people nearby to avoid accidents.

How To Make A Fishing Toss Above The Head

This launching technique is the most basic of all and the most common among beginner fishermen, however it is more difficult to reach maximum distances. It is recommended for fish that are closer to the shore, or to check the bottoms before throwing the bait.

Step 1: Stand facing the sea and hold the cane from behind, at an angle as horizontal as possible. Taking care that the end of the lead looks towards the coast.

Step 2: With your non-dominant arm, grasp the lower part of the handle of the cane. While you place your hand gently near the area of ​​the reel door.

Step 3: Take momentum (you can take a few steps if you prefer) and use your arms as the mechanism of a catapult to bring the end of the cane forward over the head.

Step 4: With a dry touch, it stops the movement at the last moment of the impulse so that only the thread comes out.

How To Make Lance Lateral Fishing Or Techniques For Lance Otg

With this haul of fishing requires more practice, and look very well at the principle that all movements are being done correctly, so that we do not cultivate any skill that damages the throw.

Step 1: Your putting the 12 of the clock marks the line of the sea, you would position yourself looking towards 3 of the clock.

Step 2: Separate the feet perpendicular to the shoulders, making sure that the left foot is a few inches ahead.

Step 3: Hold the cane horizontally, placing the left hand on the bottom of the handle and the right a little higher up the reel holder.

Step 4: Bring the cane back a little by rotating the hip and stretching the left arm as much as possible while the right one comes down a bit. At that time you should throw the lead back and place it parallel to the waves of the sea.

Step 5: Look over your shoulder to aim towards the target zone.

Step 6: Take a step towards the sea line (It would be backwards) with the left foot, allowing the right to function as a support.

Step 7: At the same time turn the right foot forward while throwing in a fluid movement from bottom to top the end of the cane using the rotating movement of the arms, which would slow at the last moment to reach the maximum extension of the right arm .

How To Make Pendulum Type Fishing Lure

This is already a much more advanced throw that allows to reach the maximum distances and it is convenient to have enough practice with the previous throw so that the learning of this one becomes simpler to you. Since the technical base, that is to say, the movements of the feet and the hands are almost the same, the only thing that changes is the position of the cane, and the swinging of the lead from one side to the other, (hence Call pendulum bid)

Step 1 : Stand at 90 ° from the sea line with feet slightly apart and leaving the left a little more advanced.

Step 2 : Hold the shank so that the toe points to the sky at a 45 ° angle approximately while the left hand holds the handle at the level of the knee to be flexed, the right a little higher up the reel holder raising the cane. This movement should cause the lead to swing automatically.

Step 3 : Aim the area over the shoulder.

Step 4 : Change the left foot of position so that the body faces the sea.

Step 5 : Pivot with right foot and hip, while catapulting the cane in an upward movement, do not need to give it too hard, and watch that the lead wobbles in harmony with the movement.

Trick Used For Fishing Bids Surfcasting

Before we say goodbye, we want to talk about a little trick used by some fishermen so that the sets do not lose accuracy with the wind and reach great distances even if the conditions are not favorable:

It is about using a tennis ball instead of a lead. Yes, quite simply, a tennis ball has the proper weight and is designed to adopt a flexible form that allows it to withstand the racket hits and in this case of our throws.

Yuki sting indicator-Surfcasting

In this video you will see how to adapt the ball to be able to link it to the line.

We hope these tips will help you improve your launch technique and tell us your experience in the comment box, luck and good fishing!