How to “Read” a Fishing Rod?

As everything progresses, the Fishing Rods become more sophisticated and durable. However, for each type of fishing there is a type of reed. In order not to be startled, we give you an instructive practice on how to read your fishing rod.

Action : Type of flexibility presented by the cane. Rapid action means little flexibility, while slow, a lot.

  1. Action 8 :80% stiffness from heel to tip.
  2. Action 7: 70% of rigidity, therefore, is more of action “tip.”
  3. Action 5: 50% rigidity, bone, parabolic and action from the middle to the tip.

Resistance  (in pounds): refers to the weight that can withstand before giving up its material and breaking. Remember that 1 pound is equal to 450 grams.

  1. Ultra Lightweight: From 0.45kg to 1.8kg (1/64 – 1/2 oz)
  2. Medium: From 1.8kg to 5.4kg (1/8 – 3/8 oz)
  3. Ultra Heavy: Over 11.25 Kg (1/2 oz onwards)

Grams: Weight of plummet or lure that can withstand. It is related to the resistance, and to overload it, it is very possible that it breaks its point when throwing.

Materials: Bamboo, Fiberglass , Graphite. Keep in mind that the latter attracts lightning, so it is not advisable to fish during thunderstorms with graphite rods.

Length: they go from the meter approximately, until the 4.5 meters. According to businesscarriers, if fishing the coast is convenient the longest, while shipped, it is recommended from 2 to 2.4 meters so it is not uncomfortable to manipulate it.

Sections (only for telescopes): this involves the number of opening sections that you have.

Number of loops: many do not know, but it is essential not only the quantity of these but also the material and layout. They contribute to a perfect or incorrect harmony in the cane. If you are going to use multifilament, bear in mind that it damages the hair clips, so it is advisable to acquire one that is resistant to the abrasion exerted by this element.

Denomination “IM”

IM-6 Graphite = 30 to 38 million psi (standard module).

IM-7 Graphite = 35 to 42 million psi (intermediate module)

IM-8 Graphite = 42 to 50 million psi (intermediate / high modulus)

IM-10 Graphite = about 50 to 60 million psi (high modulus, which can also be found under the name HM)

Name “Ton” (usual values)

24 Ton graphite (standard module).

30 Ton graphite (medium / high modulus).

36 Ton graphite (high modulus).