Ideas of Looks to Assemble Beautiful and Comfortable Combinations

Buying fitness clothing goes way beyond the need for comfortable workout parts.Phrases, borders and colors make all the difference.

It was the time when finding clothes that made us feel good to wear in the gym was an arduous and often meaningless task, since there were few beautiful prints and almost no creativity in colors, designs and phrases.Even because it was enough to get old clothes in the closet and reuse them for exercise.

Nowadays the fitness fashion industry has grown significantly thanks to the high demand and the concern to bring fun pieces, with personality and that translate the expectations of the modern woman in the society.

Although neutral colors are a wildcard in the closet, the most colorful gym clothes with fun phrases and designs are a great option to break the routine that, for the most part, ends up being “just another day-to-day commitment. “.

In addition to allowing perspiration, being light and flexible, the pieces can (and should) match your mood at the time of practicing the exercise, after all, is not that what it’s for?Make you feel good, light, happy and with that delicious feeling of commitment fulfilled.

6 types of looks you can wear at the gym

According to the designer Júlia Zingoni de Moraes, the legging pants printed and with a lot of brightness are with everything.”In this line, lurex, a fabric famous in the nightclubs of the 1980s, returns with everything gaining space in fitness and also in the day to day,” he says.She also explains that the ideal is always to combine pieces of basic colors with more daring ones, such as a red lurex legging and a black top.


For those who still prefer more basic colors and a neutral look, this is a good request. The overalls are a versatile piece, since they can be used alone, with a wider shirt or even with other trousers on top, so that you can compose three completely different looks and style.


One of the most common combinations in the gym is regata + legging.The upper part allows for complete movements and does not disturb or inconvenience at the time of perspiration, besides being a good option on the hottest days.The bag should be large enough to hold a bottle of water, a towel and a change of clothes if you have other appointments after the gym.


The short skirt is great even for those who like to run or walk outdoors.The piece, which is generally made of polyester and elastane, allows intense movement without worrying about what is appearing or not, in addition to composing a more youthful and cool look.


Without a doubt the best production for hot days is regata + short, as it is also suitable for outdoor exercises or other practices like crossfit, for example.An important tip is to always check your underwear.It is not because it is hidden that the lingerie does not influence the final look, on the contrary, the look can be totally compromised if the intimate part is not adequate.


Thicker strap tops give better support to the breasts.Quality and modeling should also be taken into account.Look for pieces that enhance your lap.The panties should not mark the body.It is also essential that the fabric allows the skin to transpire, the emanations or 100% cotton are good options.


In addition to ensuring more comfort, the sweatpants add a special touch to the production.The tip is to use it without fear, since there are infinite possibilities of combinations with the part and the part of the top.And, regardless of the type of sneakers, never use thin stockings, opt for those that facilitate perspiration and help reduce impact.

Most of the gym clothes can be used also in the day to day, Julia says that more than this, these pieces have invaded the runways of the most recent parades.”The influence of the sport, in parts because of the proximity of the games, is clear in the collections this summer,”he concludes.


Black legging can be considered a joker, as well as being the basics in the gym, it is also cool to go to the movies, walk with friends and even casual encounters, wearing a sneaker or a jump, for example;already in winter, they help enhance the boots and sneakers also in a more funky look.Plus there are those who wear with shorter skirts and dresses without problem.Check out a gallery of looks you can create with gym clothes.

The gym clothes and accessories are ideal for several occasions besides exercise. Their specific fabric, trim and perfect fit on the body and the sweat absorbing ability and breathing of the skin have made them burials in women’s wardrobes. So, abuse without fear of combinations full of personality and charm!