IPX 4 Spot Headlamp 130 Lumens Black Diamond

Product description

The IPX 4 Spot Headlamp 130 Lumens Black Diamond is a fully versatile and functional model that is suitable for anyone looking for a reliable and extremely powerful flashlight for use from simple walking, hiking, biking, climbing and cave activities.Now with 130 lumens of bright light, with even more power and additional features, the Spot head torch is Black Diamond’s most popular model for all kinds of uses, from late-afternoon rappers to pre-dawn skiing.The Spot Headlamp features our new PowerTap technology that allows you to quickly adjust brightness in your adventures as its powerful light beam is perfect for finding anchors on a rocky wall or brightening a trail in a dark night.Perfect companion for your adventures!

Expert Tip:

According to ledlightsclassified, the best flashlight option is the headlights, because it leaves your hands free to organize your equipment, to walk and lean quietly on the trails and not having to keep holding a flashlight in your hands all the time.For the Camino de Santiago it is interesting that it is a rain-resistant, powerful and durable model

* Tip provided by Mountain Climbing Team athlete: Ian Padilha.

Indications of Use

– The ideal companion for your adventures;
– Trekking;
– Climbing;
– Bike;
– Speleology;
– Hiking;
– Great gift choice.

Technical specifications

– Headlight with 130 lumens of bright light, fully adjustable;
– Features new PowerTap technology, which allows a quick adjustment of brightness in your touch area;
– Its powerful light beam is ideal for finding anchors in a rocky wall or illuminating a trail in a dark night;
– It has proximity mode which is ideal for tasks in the camp such as reading, cooking or organizing your objects in the car;
– It has a lock mode, which prevents your flashlight from being accidentally triggered when stored in your backpack or pocket;
– One TriplePower LED, two SinglePower white LEDs and two SinglePower red LEDs emit 130 lumens (maximum configuration);
– PowerTap technology allows a quick and simple transition between full and dim power in distance or proximity modes;
– Night red vision mode has proximity, strobes and active settings without cycling through the white light mode;
– Totally elegant lantern;
– Low-profile design uses three AAA batteries, a three-level power meter shows the remaining battery life for three seconds after turning on the flashlight;
– Settings include: full force in proximity and distance, darkening, strobe, red night vision and lock mode;
– Protected against drizzling or splashing water from any angle (IPX 4);
– Lumens: 130;
– Weight with batteries: 90 gr;
– Maximum reach: TriplePower LED = 75 m – SinglePower LED = 15 m;
– Maximum usage time: TriplePower LED = 50 H – SinglePower LED = 200H;
– IPX rating: 4;
– LED Type: 1 TriplePower 4 SinglePower (2 white, 2 red);
– Batteries: 3 AAA (included);
– Imported product;
– Warranty: 1 year;
– Brand: Black Diamond.
Maximum power 130 Lumens:

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About the brand:

Our roots date back to 1957 when the young Yvon Chouinard, then 18, acquired an anvil and a hammer and began to forge pythons. To pay for his climbing habit, Yvon traveled to Yosemite and sold these pythons to climbers. Your products have quickly come to be recognized with the best available.
At that time climbing equipment was scarce. European pythons were so malleable that they could not be used more than once or twice in the Granites of the Valley. The Chouinard pythons were made of hardened steel and were sturdier. Because they can be used again and again the climbers have acquired confidence to venture into larger walls. In 1958 Warren Harding completed the first ascent of El Captan, and Chouinard’s chromium-molybdenum steel pythons became an integral part of his equipment kit. Chouinard Equipment was born in Ventura, California.
Among the products developed by Chouinard Equipment at that time was the carabiner known as Chouinard Standard.It was a huge breakthrough over existing products, being lightweight, strong and very simple in handling.This material quickly became a reference in the market, incorporating the concepts of simplicity, functionality, durability and yield.