It Begins to Run with the Run Active Kalenji Shoes

Today we have shoes for any sport, so since you’re going to get started in this sport or because the practices occasionally, from area Running I present the Run Active Kalenji, available both for man and for woman, you can see them here.

One of your concerns as brokers, should be shoes you are going to use. It is not worth anything, with the appropriate shoes, we will feel the comfort of running to taste and avoid injury according to

The Run Active is a very versatile shoe, you can use it to run on tarmac and the tape. It is designed for occasional use for those who want to run about an hour once or twice a week, and is available in four different colors for men and four for women.

The Active Run is the first model of the range with an exclusive cushioning concept, so we are going to enter into more technical characteristics:

  • Buffer features CS (circular system), on the back of the shoe to improve the absorption of impacts.
  • Clamping, the overlays and side synthetic strips provide an excellent grip on the foot during the race.
  • The shape of the boot is very well suited to the foot, it is designed to provide great comfort.
  • Lightness, which reaches only 204 grams in size 39 (woman) and 300 g in size 43 (male).
  • Visibility, as all of the Kalenji products, it will bring you great visibility thanks to its reflective areas.

The sneakers Run Active:

Aside from the more technical aspects, from my personal experience, I think a shoe very light and breathable, reactive with a really comfortable outsole. Recommend it for racing and shooting of 5 to 10 km, if you need more information you can go to your nearest Decathlon store, our salespeople will be glad to introduce you the entire range Kalenji.

If you are interested in some other model with other features, or if you want more information click here to get it .