Lacoste Sportswear Collection, a Collection Cool

If there is something that has surprised me in the collection Lacoste sportswear It is the absence of brilliant chromatics as it tends to get used to. Of all its lines, this is without a doubt on which can most informalize the looks thanks to the use of materials such as Plush or the most striking colors.

However, Lacoste has decided to go for a more sober line of colors that mainly focus on the Blues (turquoise and marine) together with Blue, lilac and green, getting an effect much more relaxing and summer at the same time that makes many of its clothes more than wallpaper, wardrobe, and can structure the looks around them due to the employee cut or shades that have that garments with more body than expected make them.

Betting on the Greens and the turquoise

No doubt they are the protagonists of the collection. Green aquamarine, green bottles or turquoise they are the three tones predominant in most of the outfits. For superior as the blazers and the blasiers clothing, offering us to combine them remind me of enough male Gucci collection for this year.

Lilac on white backgrounds Green to highlight colors. Secondary keys are supported each other for contrast and informalize garments (would opt for shirts neck boat or slim-fit shirts) and be covered by the white pants or shirts as the case may be.

The black and green, on the other hand, they get a much more sober effect but just as summer and more if we chose Bermuda BI as the collection.

Between light blue and white

What would become of the summer if the Celestial. Lacoste has wanted them to rescue from the trunk of memories and stop using them in pants skinny as pastel colors to introduce them in the cardigans, sweaters with necklines of vertigo or V all point…

… shirts, in which the color choice to combine them are the pastel tones as pink or lemon yellow.

The collection of Poles It is strangely sober with the exception of some model as the photo. Still playing with blue as the base tonality and structure within colour gradients…

… either opt for the stamped on the neck and the edges of the sleeves to break a little with the sobriety of the design.

Ultimately, the key is in combine the different shades (dark blue, sky blue, green turquoise and green bottle) together using as a base the white that is usually relegated to trousers or shirts in the worst case.