LED Flashlight Mag-Lite Standard 3D In Blue

Flashlight specially designed for professional use of the prestigious brand MagLite 3D model Standard blue. compact and lightweight that incorporates the latest technology construction. Focusable light by rotating the head. Led lasting operation of more than ten thousand hours. Food with three R-20 alkaline batteries not included.

LED flashlight Mag-Lite of 3D Standard reference model 116 ST3D signature in blue with Mag-LED technology.

Maglite LED flashlights Standard Series feature the new MAG-LED technology, which has been designed taking into account all engineering expertise and advanced technology achieved in many years by the American firm Maglite. Standard LED flashlight Automotiveqna 3D in blue is of robust construction and is designed to last a lifetime. Its patented features, like the new MAG-LED technology make this flashlight one of the most technologically advanced lighting instruments in the world.


LED Flashlight features blue 3D Maglite Standard


The Balanced Optics system optimizes the performance of a 3 watt LED to the point of producing a powerful light beam.

Beam of light that focuses simply by rotating the head.

Intelligent control system of the power supply that achieves simultaneously a high optimum brightness and increased battery life.

Aluminum alloy of high hardness.

O-rings to increase water resistance.

Serial number engraved on each flashlight.

compact and lightweight construction.

Power: 3 watts.

Duration (hours): 10,000.

Battery required: 3 R-20 alkaline batteries.


Specifications Standard Maglite LED Flashlight blue 3D


Length: 313.0 mm.

Body Diameter: 39.67 mm.

Head Diameter: 57.0 mm.

Weight with batteries: 856 grams

Weight without batteries: 445 grams



Led flashlight MagLite Standard 3D in blue has a limited lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship. natural wear of materials, misuse, and repairs by unauthorized personnel are exempted. This warranty does not include batteries, light bulbs and other accessories. Mag Instrument, Inc. (Mag-Lite) warrants to the original owner that this flashlight is free from defects in materials or workmanship. In case of a fault MagLite or Warranty Service Center authorized by MagLite flashlight will repair at no charge to you or, if necessary, will replace defective flashlight or component.