LED Lenser X21R Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight that provides up to 1600 lumens of light output. It has 8 functions and three light programs, allowing depending on each situation, choose the most suitable operation mode.

German manufacturer rechargeable flashlight LED Lenser X21R 8421R model code according to Businessjust.

It provides up to 1600 lumens of light output which are activated by Srnart Light Technology (SLT).

It has 8 functions and three light programs, allowing depending on each situation, choose the most suitable operation mode.

You can also decide whether the flashlight will operate in regulated or unregulated manner. this flashlight should have been used to fully appreciate it.

Seven ultra bright LED chips can be concentrated by seven individual lenses, it projects a surprisingly homogeneous circle of light and sharply defined. In particular, the focus point flashlight generates a beam of bright light makes even blanch the headlights of cars.

In turn, thanks to its charging technology LED LENSER X21 R is not only respects the rnedioambiente, but also economic in their use.

It features the Advanced Focus System (AFS) patented by Led Lenser that with the combination of reflector and lens achieves continuous transition from a nearby circular light and a sharply concentrated homogeneous distant light.

Equipped with micro electronic controller intelligent Smart Light Technology (SLT) which allows the choice of various lighting and optimizes energy consumption. Technology and design in perfect harmony.

Power that provides high light output mode in all situations.

Low Power mode that lets you work comfortably avoiding uncomfortable glare short

Strobe flashes of light that provides high frequency valid self-defense and emergency situations and signaling mode.

Morse that allows using the touch switch function issuing individual signal sequence mode.

Boost function provides a boost high brightness with a simple touch of the switch. Mod Dim control that facilitates an adjustment between 15% and 100% of light intensity.

Blink flashing mode that automatically emits light pulses at regular intervals. Very suitable as a signal to mark a position.

SOS function for emergency situations in which this light signal can guide rescuers to you. The visibility of the signal reaches several kilometers away, increasing the chance of rescue.



LED 7 x High End Power LED

Length 412 mm.

Weight 1440 gr.

1600 lumens luminous flux

Food 4 x D NiMh

Power reserve 43.2 Wh.

Autonomy 7 h.

Range 600 m.