Lifestraw Personal Water Purifiers

Water excursions and trekking is one of the most important things, which must be in good shape. Drinking water must be sufficiently available and it must be as clean. If the water can not or do not want to carry around, or the carrier will run out of water for any reason, the use of plan B, is forced to take on the trip, and to obtain their drinking water directly from nature.

Some of the water is safe to drink although directly, but it pains me to do in order to minimise the risk of illness or at least drink water you should either boil or use a selection of different types of water purification methods. In the US, for example, personal water purifiers, came to test the cabin a man up. Another bears the name LifeStraw ®, and the other is receive them yet to GO.

Vestergaard-backed up by a company called puhdistimilla has a long history of water already in the early 1990s, when the company developed the first cleaner products, in particular in areas where the water is usually very dirty and cause a variety of diseases. LifeStraw-in accordance with the concept of cleaners was launched, in turn, as the vedenpuhdistimina in 2005. As its name suggests, product recalls, and its principle of operation is very simple: the water is sucked through the filter, and it is the practice of it. No pumping or other kommervenkkejä.

What are the LifeStraw makes and what it does not do

GO-version is included with my bottle of water, which is the crux, or tubular filter. Similarly, it tube inside a thousand kiemuralla hollow fibers that filter according to the information provided by the manufacturer of 99.9999% of all the water elelevistä bacteria and protozoa, 99.9% of which may be found in the waters.Hollow fiber filter 0.2 µm filter, larger than all of the harmful bacteria and protozoa.

Bacteria with the LifeStraw, it applies on the basis of the results of the test (a link to the manufacturer’s website to the report), including coliform (e. coli), legionella (Legionella pneumophia) and yersinia and salmonella will remain in the filter. For the above example, the legionella bacteria can cause severe pneumonia, and coliform, may take at least the stomach ruilulle. The report contains a comprehensive list of filter filtering bacteria and protozoa.

Viruses and metals (such as iron, copper, etc.) GO or the lighter just whistle containing part of the sibling does not filter, so for example, the most common ulosteperäisten of viruses such as the noro virus with LifeStrawin personal Air Purifier models did not help. Samatenkaan salty water on either model can not drink, and the color of the water, the filter system is to remove the little access to, say, humuspitoista water.

Both water bottles of elämiäkin delete. The list has been mentioned at least in giardia lamblia (lead giardiaasia), Entamoeba (causing amebiaasia) and Cryptosporidium (causes Cryptosporidiosis). All -asses (link to Health Library pages) are all at least embarrassing, intestinal infections, and amebiaasi can even be life-threatening.Giardiaasin and amebiaasin can, however, get the next only in tropical and subtropical zones from abroad, so the home country it is unlikely to be found, at least not before climate change is hitting like a million volts. On the other hand, can hit in Finland, cryptosporidiosis, though most of it will affect the Company (see link) according to the article in respect of those persons who are immuunipuolustusjärjestelmä is already weak.