LifeStraw Water Bottles

LifeStraw LifeStraw or GO

The name of the lighter just charging the LifeStraw-model, therefore, is not more than a tubular filter, with a head on each end, placed in the water, you want to drink, and another to get sucked. Manufacturer’s ryyppää directly to the stream through the tune photoshoots guy, but if you do not want to be pyllistellä in the Creek arms, poison the water to even the soup in a container or a standard water bottle and sucks on it a standing ovation.

LifeStraw GO press the empty a little bit less than 170 grams, and the water in the tank (bottle), so that the entire tonnage of 6.5 folk music based treatment press the water filled with about 800 grams. Weight, of course, will be reduced as soon as the bottle drink. Similarly, the press always the same LifeStraw approx. 60 grams, so it does not narustaan the neck roikutettuna seem to just be involved at all. Go to draw even with the included clip backpack or vyölenkkiinsä, if you want to within kuskata kg the pendulum.

LifeStrawin whistle water bottle was tested by the Jari, who brave guerrilla is tuubiin Island Lake Guest rapids in heijostenkosket replied water. The water tasted really good, or not at all, apparently, with the flowing water, you’d think at least the stone through the agglomeration. And vesihän will probably be at its best when it does not notice any flavor. A whistle version can be used even if, when you are in a hurry to move from one place to another, and the patience to stop by to play with, or when you want to simply save.

LifeStraw ® cleaner, general usage

Both machines are therefore very easy to use. “Just add water”. Just call the refining takes place, by blowing into it heavily, so that the water in the filter. In addition to the cleaners you should shake up, at which point it will be as soon as possible. The protective caps are placed on both ends of the stick and the whistle just hanging in the back of the neck.

Clearing is done in the same way LifeStraw Go blowing filter part imupäästä and shaking the filter. Both of you should be rinsed with clean water, then, when it is available. The hot water is not desirable to use, nor any cleaning substances. Do not wash in a dishwasher either model. More detailed instructions will come with the products.

Although the manufacturer says that the cleaner to clean drinking water, cleaner, the user should keep in mind the rest of the general hygiene. Or, for example, riu’ulla or huussista after the entry must be washed or disinfected hands in some other way. Besides, dirty hands or dirty environment, as established and its parts to deicing, and as a result of any problems arising are not the responsibility of the manufacturer.