Mag Lite Flashlight LED Minimag 2 AA in Black

Flashlight Mini Maglite new generation LED 2AA incorporating Luxeon LED technology getting a much more bright white light. It has an electronic multifunction selector which lets you select from four different lighting modes including SOS in Morse code mode. Based on the popular Mini Maglite incandescent, it has a strong body and quality that distinguishes the American firm.

LED Flashlight Mag Lite signature Minimag 2 AA reference model SP22 017 in black with Luxeon Rebel LED technology.

Flashlight equipped with new high-performance technology Luxeon Rebel getting a substantially whiter, brighter light. In addition, new LED 2AA flashlights minimag incorporate a multifunction electronic switch that increases the performance of the flashlight, allowing to obtain four different types of functions: lighting at full power, 25% power, blink and SOS. The change from one mode to another is accomplished by simply rotating the head.

LED Flashlight features Minimag black Maglite 2AA


Balanced Optics system enhanced by the combination of a reflector last generation with a high performance LED that gives greater light intensity.

Beam of light that focuses simply by rotating the head

Intelligent control system of the power supply that achieves simultaneously a high optimum brightness and increased battery life.

candle effect of ambient light is achieved by unscrewing the head of the flashlight and placing it upside down on a smooth surface.

Aluminum alloy of high hardness.

O-rings to increase water resistance.

compact and lightweight construction.

Power: 3 watts.

Duration (hours): 10,000

Battery required: 2 alkaline batteries R-6


Specifications Maglite LED Flashlight 2AA black Minimag


Length: 167.8 mm.

Body diameter: 18 mm.

Head Diameter: 25.4 mm.

Battery Weight: 117.75 grams

Weight without batteries: 68.04 grams