Maglite ML125 LED Rechargeable Flashlight In Black

Endowed with Mag-LED technology, Serious Maglite ML125 is characterized by its impressive performance and NIMH rechargeable battery. It also allows feeding with three alkaline batteries C R-14. With the reliability and quality offered by the prestigious manufacturer prestigious Maglite flashlights.


LED rechargeable flashlight brand MagLite ML125 reference model ML125-35014 black with Mag-LED technology. It includes rechargeable, battery charger and transformer.

It’s flashlight has the latest technology in MAG-LED lighting. It provides an incredibly bright light and is specially designed for long battery life. It allows operation with a NiMH rechargeable battery respectful with the environment or with three C R14 alkaline batteries. The box includes rechargeable battery, charger and transformer.

Rechargeable Flashlight features green LED Maglite ML125


Beam of high intensity, adjustable with a quarter turn of the head.

autolimpiable switch four positions: on, off and flash mode and SOS mode ahoroo energy.

Aluminum alloy of high hardness.

O-rings to increase water resistance.

Serial number engraved on each flashlight.

compact and lightweight construction.

Up to 18,000 candlepower

Battery life (hours): 9 hours with rechargeable battery, 25 hours with alkaline batteries.

required Battery: CR-3 alkaline batteries or rechargeable NiMH 14


Flashlight Specifications Rechargeable Maglite LED green ML125


Length: 282.0 mm.

Body Diameter: 30.4 mm.

Head Diameter: 50.2 mm.

Weight with batteries: 521 grams



Rechargeable LED flashlight MagLite ML125 of black color has limited lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship. It not included in this warranty material wear and tear, misuse, and repairs by unauthorized personnel. This warranty does not include batteries, bulbs or fittings. Mag Instrument, Inc. (Mag-Lite) warrants to the original owner that this flashlight is free from defects in materials or assembly. MagLite or Warranty Service Center authorized by MagLite flashlight repair free of charge or, if necessary, it will replace defective flashlight or component.