Mains Lib-for Hands-Free Riding, with No Helmet

From France comes an innovative solution that will allow us to abdicate the Top Case and be able to walk without having to walk with our precious helmet in hand.

It’s called Mains Lib(Mains=hands) and promises to solve one of the biggest problems of motorcyclists: where to keep our helmet safely during a trip to the cinema, or a trip to the mall? 
The system, which resembles a futuristic closet and allows to store helmets safely, was developed by a”start up” that used crowdfunding to develop this project.
In France, there were even public lockers for this purpose, but terrorist threats forced most of them to be removed. Here on legalarmist, there has never been a cult of making lockers available for whatever purpose, and for that reason, they do not exist either.
This state-of-the-art closet leaves the helmets exposed, protected only by a”door” in tube, having the advantage of not letting unpleasant smells accumulate inside that contaminate the helmet. These cabinets are intended to be placed in covered public spaces, such as shopping centers, hypermarkets, cinemas or car parks, so that weather conditions do not affect them.
The system offers an”App” that allows to find the Mains Lib closer to where we are. Using a numerical code, the lock is unlocked to gain access to the helmet.
The young French companyHas already signed a contract with a group that manages several car parks in Paris and is on the way to doing more business. Does the idea catch on here?
And right now, what do you do to your helmet in these situations?