Measures and Practise Sport Outdoor Cold?

The cold is already here and for lovers of go to practise sport outdoor You can assume all a problem. That is why on this occasion we want to make the question of the week turn around this theme:

Measures you are taking to practice sport in the open air with cold?

On many occasions we have spoken about the proper equipment to exit to practice sport in the open air when becomes cold. But on this occasion, in addition to a review by the most important measures, we want each one to tell us their tricks. It is true that heat zones that do nothing or are weak to cold, like neck, wrists, ankles, knees… is essential if we do not want cold.

Something similar happens with the feet, which must always be fitted with the correct footwear. It is not advisable that we use at this time of the year summer shoes, because it will protect us from the cold and in the event that it rains, probably we get wet us feet. To do this can be found in the market footwear suitable for this time of the year.

Panties for neck, heaters are suitable for the most sensitive parts that we have quoted above. But we can also lend a hand of thermal clothing designed especially for outdoor winter sport. We find them in any sports shop and are increasingly the designs and colours that we have at our disposal.

These are some of the alternatives most appealed and practiced at this time of year, but assured that there are many others that each one of us is usually carried out. For this reason we invite you to tell it in the part of answers to the question of the week, not in the comments of this post. Among the answers highlight the coming week the most voted and rated by you.

Answer to the question of the week: would be in favor of raising taxes to sugary drinks?

Last week our colleague Juan Lara posed this question to us and we are going to highlight the most valued responses by readers:

First of all we’re going to stop in the answer given by Laramo:

We continue to prohibit rather than educate and thus we are going. Instead of raising taxes to sugary drinks would have to employ resources in promoting the consumption of fruit and vegetables, do not allow such abusive marketing and lie you and lowering the cost of food of truth.
The health problem facing the world is not only for soft drinks. Price over not going to solve.

Secondly, we’re going to stop at the one given by Jozeico:

No, drinks sugary non. I see well raising taxes to all that have sugar added. But at the same time, lower taxes to all healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. And in addition, to educate. And also I would like to post all the pseudonyms that put him on the label such as sugar.