Modern Bags as Versatile Accessories for Every Living Situation

“The handbag of a woman is the natural habitat for many great things,” says Bruce Darnell, American choreographer and model.  For a woman’s outfit , the matching bag has a practical and aesthetic value as it combines functionality and beauty. Color-coordinated to the clothing or as a colorful view – it enhances and complements the look.

Facet: different bags for different occasions
For women and unconventional men the handbag is a perfect outfit. It contains personal items, makeup utensils and space for a spontaneous shopping. The times when “woman” has only one bag, are largely of the past. Meanwhile, there is an own handbag type for every occasion. Clutch, Messenger Bag or Shopper – in the online shop of my Bag Factory you will find the right bags for different living situations.

If you are looking for an extensive shopping trip, a shopper is suitable due to the large storage space. The practical shopping bag is available at the shopping portal in leather, suede or felt. The shoulder bag for men and women is small but beautiful. In classical style or in vintage design – color and shape know hardly any limits. Neck fringes give the accessory a casual boho style. Leather models look noble and serious.

Universal: Bags for both sexes
Clutch, bag or evening purse can be found in the shop in different versions. Although pockets primarily inspire the ladies’ world, men are increasingly fond of the functional work and sports bags. In order to give your look a sporty touch, a backpack is suitable, because of its wearing comfort and the storage space. The large assortment of online retailers also includes laptop and table sleeves, travel bags and suitcases.

Customizable: the personal look for your handbag
When choosing a pocket, the house marks of the onlineshops are noticed. FEYNSINN, FERGÉ, BACCINI or SCOTCH & VAIN – they all represent different styles. Smarter collage look, simple elegance or a world-like flair – with the right handbag you can express the facets of your personality. You will benefit from a harmonious overall impression if the accessory fits the rest of the clothing in a color and style. To make sure it is not only a part of the ensemble, but also the heart of it, you personalize your handbag .

Their initials as an exclusive imprint in the material give it a personalized touch. Alternatively, a slogan or motto chosen by you is emblazoned on the bag. Using a branding process, the one-two-millimeter-deep relief design is created. The color scheme with airbrush is just as high-quality and durable. The motif of the motif transforms the thought-out bags into unique pieces that reflect the character of the owner.

In order to develop a handbag according to your requirements, a professional design team will help you. In order to match the rest of the look to your individual accessory, you will receive in the shop belts, Brieftaschen, Kulturbeutel and Anhänger. If you prefer an extravagant style, you will also find high-quality leather aprons.