Munchkin Straw Cup Review

Learn how to drink properly, not to spill water everywhere, be able to leave a glass of water within reach of children when it’s hot summer without fear case-sensitive, or still be able to give drink to children in car… I don’t know about you, but here are my daily concerns (I assure you I still sleep at night). I might just make the kids drinking a bottle, but in 3 years, I think that Dove has largely passed the age, as small O’ who is 17 months, I’d rather give him used to drink by the glass during the day. Munchkin glasses fell so steeply. The cup of miracle for little O learning ‘ and the glass straw for Dove.

The cup of learning miracle Munchkin

Miracle? The term is a little strong, but we’re getting! With a young child, we often prefer to use a glass close to not turn his dining-room in the pool whenever the child drinks. But if we often chose to spout cups, these may distort the child’s teeth, and she don’t teach them to put their mouths to drink properly to the glass. Learning Munchkin Cup, as the name suggests has this function of transition between the bottle and the glass. Completely closed, it avoids splashing, and the child must put his mouth and put pressure on the valve to allow water to pass. The child can put his mouth around on the edge of the Cup, as with a normal water bottle reviewed by Shoppingpicks.

I particularly appreciate the fact that this Cup is completely removable. I got rid of all the cups to beak of the children because they were often impossible to clean properly. The Munchkin learning Cup doesn’t have this problem since all parties withdraw (easily for an adult, but it’s impossible for a child) and go in the dishwasher.

Today, we spend most of this Cup: small O’ drink with every meal, we place it also by his bed so that he could drink the night, and finally it is our ally in the car! He learned to put his mouth to drink, and even the crèche staff was impressed by his ability to drink in a glass when it was still small.

The only negative thing I will note is the transportation. If the glass falls into the bag and he no longer has the head up, it will slowly bleed and wet all affairs.

Munchkin straw glass

At 3 years, Dove knows well drink by the glass and no longer has a cup of learning. But I still have a little afraid to leave a drink available day or night, so the meals, let her drink with the straw glass Munchkin.

As we live in the South and very hot summer, I prefer to allow the water to reach of children so that they are properly hydrated. As this glass is plastic, I’m afraid not that Dove break, and with its system of straw, there again I will not splash when the child takes the glass!

Glass comes apart so completely, which allows effective cleaning.

If Dove can’t drink with table (because she drinks in a real glass), this straw glass accompanies him the day but also at night!

As the cup of learning, the only downside is for transport: carry the glass well right, otherwise it will drain and will flood the bag…

This is so the two allies with whom we are preparing to face the heat and avoid me many night Awakenings.

Thanks to Munchkin for the shipment of these products (the straw glass was sent to me in test and the cup of learning was offered to me to the spot of the E-fluent Mums 4)

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