New Device Shares Best Routes for Cyclists

Apparatus provides indications of paths, ranging from the most peaceful to the most captivating. He’s still in the test phase.

A device that helps to discover safer and pleasant routes for cycling was developed by scientists and engineers in the United States (USA).

The three founders of the Hammerhead Navigation project devised a device that helps cyclists find paths with fewer cars, more peaceful travel roadmaps or simply interesting walks to be shared in exchange for receiving indications Equally appealing.

The instrument uses subtle signals of light to indicate where the cyclist should turn and not distract him while pedaling. It is also possible to customize the light intensity of the appliance to save energy. At the moment, the product is in the “beta” phase of development, but is already ready to be tested-from the return of the first users on the experience of pedaling with the appliance, it will be mounted the final model of Hammerhead. The designers are currently raising money through crowdfunding to lead the navigation proposal forward. The cost of the appliance at the current stage is $ $75.

How It Works

According to, the instrument is set on the handlebars of the bicycle and uses LED lights to indicate the direction of curves to be made, including returns on the road in the “U” shape. Routes are written to a database and users can recommend new changes and paths in comparison to the most commonly used itineraries. The cyclists ‘ feedback must make the appliance more “intelligent” in its suggestions and the diversity of paths. The localization information is extracted from the GPS of the smartphones from whom you are pedaling and, to use the Bluetooth features, you will need to have new phones, such as iPhone 4s (or newer) or the new versions of the devices that use the Android system.

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