New Enduro Bell Super 3R Helmet Disembarks

With no less than 23 vent holes and removable chassis, Bell’s new model features MIPS multi-directional impact protection technology

The manufacturer of helmets and accessories for North American cycling Bell is bringing to Brazil its newest helmet for use in ‘gravitational’ MTB, the super 3R.

Distributed in the country through Isapa and aimed at All Mountain/Enduro practitioners, the new Bell Super 3R helmet is an evolution of the Super 2R model, the first of the brand to incorporate the removable chipping system, which allows for greater ventilation and lower weight Final when removed for use on less radical trails.

As in the previous model, the Bell Super 3R’s case protects the athlete’s face against impact with a minimum of extra weight. An ingenious quick-lock system allows it to be installed and removed in less than two seconds, allowing the Enduro MTB to use a single helmet to climb the mountain with maximum comfort and ventilation while carrying the bag in the backpack for use Whenever necessary.

In addition to facial protection, the Bell Super 3R features MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) technology for multidirectional impact protection, consisting of a thin layer of a synthetic compound held parallel to the helmet shell by a series of elastomers that Flex in all directions around the head, thus cushioning much of the rotational forces exerted during an angular impact, absorbing up to 50% of its force.

According to, the helmet also has a series of improvements over its previous version, facilitating its adjustment in the head and increasing the safety of the cyclist:

  • Float Fit: Micrometric adjustment system by dial, which allows greater adaptability to the contour of the head, evident the oscillation of the helmet without loss of comfort;
  • Goggleguide Adjustable Visor System: Enables better google accommodation or sports goggles under the visor;
  • Breakaway Camera Mount: An integrated coupling system for action cameras that disintegrates in case of impact, avoiding damage to the camera and risk of injury to the cyclist;
  • MIPS-Equipped: Multi-directional impact protection system;
  • Overbrow Ventilation: Promotes a greater circulation of the air flow, in order to increase the internal cooling of the helmet;
  • Breakaway Screws: In case of fall, the visor of the helmet stands out, avoiding damages and risk of injuries;
  • Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell: Inner shell made from a single piece of expanded polystyrene (EPS);
  • X-Static Padding: Internal cushions that prevent overheating of the head;
  • Wraparound Protection: Removable bin through exclusive quick-coupling system.

Price and Availability – Available in Brazil in sizes S, M and L (see guide below) and in six color options, the Bell Super 3R helmet can be purchased in Brazil at a price of R $ 1,699.00.