News from the Outdoor Blogosphere in Ferbuar

February is unfortunately a bit late. But this week I just did not get the latest news from the outdoor blogosphere online. I hope you can forgive me Now I wish you a lot of fun!


Carsten is concerned with how the fun curve increases with Ultraleichter equipment.

The best article I’ve read about water filters so far is available at

By far the most read article in my blog was the presentation of the 2012 huckePACK by Laufbursche. In addition, there was the first Unboxing video out site Automotiveqna.

The German UL scene is waiting for the opening of the Laufbursche-Shop! It was planned for the end of February. But as it looks, the opening is a little late. You can still subscribe to the newsletter.

About a month ago Pico from the TULF made an offer, which one could not refuse. Pico and Andiii have produced a few Tyvek Geldbörsen, which they also wanted to offer to the other forum members. After that there was probably a weekend in the house of Pico. Because there were numerous orders. Carsten also presented the money bag right in his blog.

In the meantime, Knilch is taking up the topic of minimal equipment. Let’s see where the topic still leads!

Cooking without a flame was also an issue. Whether this is ever easy enough is another question.


Daniel’s tour of the wintry Venn reminds me of the winter in my old home.

Even the Harz has not been snowing this winter .

At Uptothetop there was a ski tour to the Watzmanngugel at the end of January.

Axel has won a trip to Romania and has reportedextensively on his blog!


What to do with frostbite? The answer is here!

The first German Packrafting shop was opened. Thanks also to hrXXL for the info.

The first ultralight podcast was also announced. Let’s see if this project can be accomplished.

In the Hiking Blog there is a wonderful explanation for what Social Hiking has to offer!

Rio blogs again Welcome back!