Nexx Helmets Good, beautiful and Portuguese

NEXX is a Portuguese company specialized in the manufacture of helmets for motorcycles.  Founded in 2001, it is headquartered in Anadia. Its philosophy is to look to the future, bringing new ideas and solutions to motorcyclists, with the aim of making every moment of driving a pleasant experience.

According to the brand, the development of any NEXX helmet always rests on three basic principles: safety, technology and design. This combination makes the NEXX one of the safest and most elegant motorcycle helmets in the world.

The great novelty of the 2013 Collection is the X40 model, presented as the new MAXIJET from NEXX. According to NEXX’s marketing director, André Varandas, the X40 was developed for the future, anticipating the potential to launch a new trend for a new type of engineering and ergonomic comfort. The essence of this model is based on the functionality of the mechanisms and the quick conversions and accessories that allow the user to control different needs between an enclosed helmet and a Jet model. The new X40 will be available from the end of February.

Another great novelty of NEXX is the model X60 LUNA, dedicated exclusively to the female audience, which incorporates Swarovski Elements crystals.

André Varandas explains that NEXX defends that the helmets should be chosen according to the type of bike and the use made of it. The helmets are crafted to the level of dynamic ventilation systems and incorporating technologies such as Coolmax, or patented concepts such as the XR1.R Diablo which adds a new layer with high thermal insulation capability, which allows the helmet to stay warm during the winter is cool during the summer.

The XR1.R model, launched about four years ago, marked the entry of NEXX into the most sporting and road market, and is well-accepted by the public.

According to NEXX, the X60 open-face model is the brand’s best-selling product due to its versatility in the urban / touring segment and the combination of very varied designs with easy adjustments and developed using innovative materials.

You can find all the models of the NEXX 2013 collection in the gallery below. Each model is available in various colors and sizes.