Nine Abdominal Exercises to Work at Home, Outdoors

There are no excuses for not exercising the body at this time of the year and to prove it we bring you nine abdominal exercises you can do at home, outdoors, in the gym or wherever you are, with elements that you will always have at hand.

If in this Christmas you don’t want to lose tone and in the middle of your body, we suggest you to get active now:

Four abdominal plates

To work the deeper muscles of the abdomen reaching up to invisible and forgotten areas such as the transverse abdominal, we can perform the following four exercises that also apply for oblique and straight most of the abdomen:

  • Iron piano: Iron position but taking off one hand and other form toggles to touch different parts of the body with the same and thus, while maintaining retracted abdomen we request an extra effort to different muscles of the core.
  • Iron centipede: from the classical position of this isometric exercise, move forward taking small steps to get close toes to hands as possible and return to the initial position in the same way.
  • Iron superman: from the position of iron move with feet like that in the exercise above but to retreat, try to reach as far back as possible, forcing the arms to lower and reduce support.
  • Plate wipers: imitating the gesture of the Wiper Blade, move with small steps the feet towards the sides of the body without ever losing the position of iron or mobilize the hands that remain flat on the floor.

In the following video you can see each of these four exercises:

As you can see, they are intense exercises that We can perform in the space that we like using only our body.

We recommend to run for time these movements, for example for 30 or 40 seconds each, making 2 or 3 sets of all the routine.

Four exercises troglodytes

To work the body intensely and fully accessible elements that we can find anywhere we can put into practice the following movements:

  • Side slopes: stand, with a relatively heavy and medium stone hands, extend your arms above your head and from there carry out slowly side bending of the trunk.
  • Lateral inclinations from strides: surrounding the stone with a rope and clamping from the same element, we will take it with one hand and from stride position perform the bending to the side that hold the stone. We carry out from both sides.
  • Strides in rotation and jump: with stone between both hands and from the position of stride, we perform jumps to change leg and simultaneously rotate the trunk carrying the stone one and another side of the body.
  • With stone and rope swing: just as we would with a Russian weight, we hold the stone with rope and took it with both hands to execute this exercise as cash.

You can see the implementation of each of these movements in the following video:

To carry out this routine, we can at home, outdoors or in any other space, We just need a heavy object and a string.

We will work mostly oblique, abdominal and recommend between 8 to 15 repetitions of each exercise, 2 or 3 sets of each, resting between series about 30 to 60 seconds.

A loaded backpack or sandbag exercise

Although we can do it with a sandbag or Sandbag in the gym, you can implement this last exercise we propose today run wherever you are with a bag or the backpack loaded.

The movement is as follows:

  • Iron with lateral entrainment: as shown in the following video, place us in the position of iron and leave the object to slide to one side of the body. Without losing the position we take the object with the hand on the opposite side of which is the same and slide it to the other side under the body. We repeat.

We can perform this move two or three series of 30 to 40 seconds to work obliques, rectus abdominis and transverse abdominal.

As we can see, there are no excuses not to work the middle of the body at this time of year because with these nine abdominal exercises train at home, outdoors, in the gym or wherever you are.