Omega Watches – One Watch That Wrote History

To set the level of popularity, watches from the House around the world enjoyed by Omega, the scale is irrelevant. No matter what scale underlying sets, undoubtedly Omega becomes always the best values. To be so spoiled by customer satisfaction has long tradition with the Swiss watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne.

Omega Watches

Founded in 1848 by the Swiss politician Louis Brandt, the company bore his name for almost five decades, before it was renamed in 1894 in Omega. During this time the young company by a maintenance company became a watchmaker with 500 employees and 100,000 copies per year. That was also the reason why the sons of the founder long searched for a new name and decided finally to Omega.

As Omega, symbolized by the famous character of Ω, is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, and stands in contrast to the first letter alpha, which symbolizes the beginning of the completion. Almost simultaneously with the change of name came the legendary Omega pocket watch on the market. Today, Omega is part of the Swatch Group.

Due to the outstanding quality of the watches from the House of Omega and a wise and sustainable promotional strategy worldwide enjoys a high degree of knowledge the company. And last but not least were omega watches for some of the largest and most important events of humanity in the 20th and 21st century. The will of even the most famous clock in the world 1969 chronograph Speedmaster professional, equipped with her as Buzz Aldrin enters the moon.

Also developed Omega the first diver’s watch, as well as the world’s only watch with marine chronometer certification. Omega holds more precision records than any other watch brand and was since 1932 in 25 Olympic Games official timekeeper. Even the most famous secret agent in the world, James Bond, wearing a Seamaster Professional on the wrist for about 20 years. A great technical breakthrough Omega in 1999. Since then, watches with coaxial escapement, which makes maintenance-free and thus more durable watches that can be produced in large quantities.

The OMEGA collections: luxury timepieces for extreme sportsmen and gentlemen

Although there is a huge selection of omega watches, these are today mostly summarised in four model programs. There are many omega watches as a double issue, especially for couples.

Omega Constellation watches

The constellation collection is a true classic. Since 1952, the program, the series has undergone several facelifts, also very different movements were fitted. There is ever a series for men’s and women’s models total several hundred. The constellation watches are all sealed up to 10 bar or 100 meters water depth. Characteristic for the omega watches are the star at 6 o’clock and the decorative prongs on the housing, there were more than 30 years ago when the constellation Manhattan. You are always in the amount of 3 and 9 o’clock on the bezel.

The advanced women’s series was created with the aesthetic revision of the collection in 2009. There they delicate 24 millimeters up to the size of the Mr standard 38 mm. Who decides for one of the 24 or 27 mm models of the Orbis constellation Star series receives not only a high-quality watch from the House of Omega, but also the fight against preventable blindness. According to the founding year of the series, there is the special model Sedna only 1.952 times. It consists of a 18-karätigen alloy of gold, copper and Palladium. Also, the pointer and the clasp of the bracelet consist of Sedna-gold. In different sizes and different decorating the clocks of the constellation are luxury class. The coronation of the perfect art of watchmaking is a black Omega logo engraved in a multi-stage, complex procedures in a diamond.

They belong also to the constellation class double eagle watches, with which the company emphasizes its longstanding commitment to golf. Four separate sub dials for the small second are their specificity, seven days, 12 hours and 30 minutes count.

Omega de Ville

Originally conceived as a further development of the Seamaster series the name de Ville was officially launched for the first time in 1960 Omega. Since 1963, the name of lettering on the dial occurs. A copy of this number of chronometer, it was also with the Omega presented the innovative coaxial escapement. Since then, a 36-month extended warranty applies to all copies of this series. Also in this series, the selection is comprehensive. Above all but six variants include the current collection: hour vision, Ladymatic, prestige, Tourbillon, de Ville Chronoscope.

Omega Seamaster

in 1932, Omega has developed the world’s first diver’s watch. The Revolutionary Navy. In their tradition, the 1948 first launched watch still stands the Seamaster series. They carried like divers, sailors and reliable companions with comfort are other water sports, but due to its bracelet made of stainless steel for all active. At the international trade fair BASELWORLD, an innovation was introduced in 2011. Had previously all Seamaster on the floor is engraved with the hippocampus logo, the model has a sapphire glass back, which allows to consider the delicate clockwork Planet Ocean now. Omega currently divided the Seamaster in four rows: Planet Ocean, Aqua Terra, diver, Ploprof. The Seamaster are always out three-piece housing with screwed Crown and waterproof. In some variants up 1200 m deep.

Omega Speedmaster

Also known as Moon watch Speedmaster Professional is the figurehead of the series, which has existed since 1957. Almost all models in the range are classified as a chronometer, accurately measure the time so even under extreme and changing conditions. The Speedmaster is still one of the basic equipment of many astronauts and is worn during missions in outer space through the space suit. That is also the Omega Speedmaster professional the only clock that is approved for work in vacuum. Omega divided the Speedmaster in broad arrow, Moonwatch, racing, Speedmaster, date/day-date, HB-SIA and Spacemaster.

In addition to some special collections, as for Michael Schumacher and Olympic Omega offers a classic pocket watch in different versions. The most popular and best watches with at least 50 years history are reprinted in the Museum collection.

Omega Watches – global network for lovers of the Special

Omega watches are sold at hundreds of retail shops worldwide. Here, customers receive expert advice. In addition, there is a significantly lower number of noble, licensed boutiques. So there alone almost 70 dealers, but only three boutiques in Germany. E-commerce with new merchandise is unusual. Exclusively from the retailers, customers will find also the expertise required for the maintenance of the omega watches. In addition to elegance, robustness, precision and longevity of every watch from the home, Omega is an outstanding characteristic of the watchmaker high customer satisfaction.