One Couple, Two Backpacks, Seven Countries and 30 Cities

Unhappy with their lives in Sao Bernardo do Campo, in the state of São Paulo, and inspired by reports from travelers on the internet, the couple Luana Cunha and Filipe Sales have been backpacking in South America since March, which is expected to last until August.

Luana says the idea came in November of last year when Philip – who worked as a planned furniture salesman – made the proposal to stay out of the country for a few months. “At first I thought the idea was crazy and said that [letting go] is not for us. But he managed to convince me, “he says.

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Luana and Filipe in Puno, Peru

The next step was to hand over the apartment they lived in, to close the newly opened apartment under Luana’s command and sell the car to raise the money for the trip.

They left Brazil on March 12 for Colombia.Since then they have passed through Ecuador, Peru and are currently in Bolivia.Then they go to Chile, Argentina and end the backpack  in Uruguay. According to   sizeableHandbags,  the goal is to know seven countries and 30 cities on the continent.

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In the lagoon Quilotoa, ue is in a volcano crater at 3,880 meters of altitude in Ecuador

The adventure is being shared on a YouTube channel (The World is My Place), on a blog and also on Instagram and Facebook.

The idea, Second Luana, is to inspire others to realize their dreams.”We created our project and sent it to some people, we got a lot of stuff, from lodging to tours at no cost”.

Credits:Personal archive

The couple at the Virgen de Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia