Outdoor Bargains at Outdoor deals

The “Black Friday” has once again impressively shown! Even in the outdoor industry, much goes beyond the price. What makes gray hair for the manufacturers is usually an advantage for the end customer. As a student or family father you can not even spend 500 € for a new down jacket, without the money laboriously to save. Since you are grateful for every bargain.

The History Of Outdoor Bargain Blogs

Already long ago, ambitious outdoor bloggers have come up with the idea of ​​creating a bargain blog for outdoor products. In principle, not a bad idea, as you can earn a few euros by the way to finance your hobby. With a normal outdoor blog, like this one, you will not be rich. A blog, which is specialized only in outdoor bargains, would have at least good chances to become profitable.

Thus the bargain blogs shot like mushrooms out of the ground. At times all these blogs looked well-maintained and I also found there one or the other bargains. Over time, however, most of them had the trouble. If you are on the flag every day to publish the latest bargains from all outdoor shops, you as a Hobbyblogger quickly reaches its limits. One must sooner or later dare to jump into the cold water and make it to his profession if one does not want to go under.


For this I have to say a big praise to Sigi, who has taken this step with OutdoorDeals.de and has already made itself independent some time ago. I have known Sigi and OutdoorDeals since the end of 2010 and was not at all convinced at the beginning that another outdoor bargain blog will prevail. But Sigi has always focused on good and researched content right from the start and has been on the ball since 2010. This long breath is thanks to the fact that OutdoorDeals is now also a term for many end customers and even created new jobs.

Status Quo

I have not voted with Sigi. So if I mess something up in the following lines, he will probably have to forgive me. But I dare to say that there is currently no other bargain blog from the outdoor area as many visitors as Outdoordeals. Meanwhile, there are daily new posts with offer, which are partly generated automatically, but often also manually researched and written. In addition, he has created a huge database that lists the bargains of many German outdoor shops. The best way to compare this is with a prisso machine. However only on the basis of outdoor stores on cancermatters.

A Little Criticism

If you know how, you can find all German outdoor snap-hooks on one side. The emphasis is on “If you know how…”. I hope Sigi is not angry with me if I bring a little criticism. Because the search function could be a bit reworked.If you enter a search term consisting of the brand and the model, the page will usually not find anything, because in the database probably in most cases a minus sign as a separator between the two terms stands: “brand-model”

If one ignores these small beauty mistakes, one has with OutdoorDeals probably the currently largest bargain database in the outdoor area at hand.


I guess, Sigi will optimize his side in the coming months and years still further and OutdoorDeals as a whole is getting rounder. For bargain hunters it would be from my point of view at least currently the first stop, if you do not want to miss anything.

Advent Calendar

A small tip on the edge: At AdventDeutsch, there is also an overview of the Advent calendars of the various shops at OutdoorDeals. So you save yourself the perpetual search and click into each individual shop. You simply find out what is interesting and save time and maybe a little money.


In addition, Sigi is not too bad to work with other bloggers. Some time ago, I joined him with a widget, which always presents the latest offers. Various adaptations and wishes can always be taken into account. The widget is accessible to everyone free of charge. You can enter your own affiliate programs and Sigi gets only a small link to the OutdoorDeals. All commissions are fully paid into your account. More information is available here.

Update 05.12.2013

That’s what I call a quick reaction! OutdoorDeals has significantly improved the search today. Now the targeted search for a product is no longer in the way!