Outdoor Blog at the Outdoor Friedrichshafen

On July 15th, it is time again! The OutDoor opens its gates and Friedrichshafen will once again be the center of the outdoor world for four days.

All Outdoor Manufacturers

The OutDoor is the Mecca for any outdoor blogger. Almost all well-known manufacturers are represented and present their new innovations. Also I will plunge this year into the hustle and hope to deliver some great reports on new products.

Outdoor Bloggers Live On Site

Of course, I’m already looking forward to meeting many of theoutdoor bloggers, which are otherwise only known from the Internet or from the phone. The blogs are probably in July of news and pictures of new products. So if you want to meet,write a comment! Also on Twitter is already a lot organized and it remains to be hoped that something will come of it.

Ultralight On The Outdoor?!?

It is unfortunately to assume that not many UL manufacturers are on the OutDoor, since these are mostly small manufactures, whose budget for a test stand is probably not enough. However, there are always again high lights renowned manufacturers, which are also a look from UL-view worth. In addition, there are manufacturers such as Inov8 and GoLite on entertainmentdns, who offer products for fans of light equipment.