Paint and Smooth: Pregnant Women Can?

See if you can color and straighten your hair during pregnancy

By Luana Malik

Pregnancy changes the body and a woman’s life. Nothing is the same anymore. Even the hair. In General, waiting for the puppy makes the hair more beautiful, full and silky. “During the nine months of gestation, the wires remain in your anagen phase(of growth) and, stimulated by hormones (progesterone and estrogen), become thicker, slowing the fall and gathering your hair” reveals the dermatologist Moumita. But not everything is flowers. Moms devotees of progressive brushes, dyes and permanents may have to spend some time away from the salons.

The Controversy

The Ministry of health and the Brazilian Society of Dermatology does not recommend the use of chemicals in your hair during pregnancy. “It is believed that some of the components used in hair products are teratogenic (generate defects in the fetus), toxic and even carcinogenic”, justifies Moumita. Ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals like lead, copper and aluminum are some of the substances vetoedby experts.

The ban could last more than nine months. “Even though I don’t have studies that show the passage of these substances from the scalp to the blood and mother’s milk,the recommended is just resorting to these products at the end of breastfeeding”, advises expert.

The topic is controversial and polemic in doctors ‘ offices. “There is no conclusive evidence of the evils of these substances in pregnancy. As it is not ethical to test the effect of these products in pregnant patients, the potential consequences are unknown “, argues Moumita.

So while some experts disapprove of the use of these chemicals during pregnancy,others release your use. “Some experts believe that the absorption of these products from the scalp to the blood is minimal and hardly toxic substances reach the placenta in sufficient quantity to cause fetal damage,” explains the expert.

But the release points a constraint: the chemistry should only be used after the first trimester pregnancy. “At this stage, the most noble organs of the baby are already formed, the risks of miscarriage are smaller and, therefore, the baby run less danger”, justifies the dermatologist Aline Magellan. But before you run for the nearest hairdresser, talk to your obstetrician and evaluate the pros and cons of hair treatments.

More Sensitive

According to thefashiongps, in addition to the possible damage to the baby, pregnant women are more susceptible to developing allergies arising from the use of these products. Even those who never expressed allergic reactions may be surprised. “In pregnancy occurs a decrease of cellular immunity of women as an attempt to keep the pregnancy, causing the body does not understand the baby as a foreign body. The fall of immunity can leavethe woman more vulnerable to infections and allergic manifestations “, reveals Moumita.

“The allergic manifestations may be the lightest as irritation, itching and redness tosevere frames as anaphylactic reactions”, confirms Humberto Tindó, head of the Department of Gynecology and obstetrics of the Quinta D’or Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.

Even natural products and less aggressive as the henna and the tints must be excluded from the list of beauty of the pregnant woman. “Even if they claim to be and based on natural plant extracts, have in your composition toxic chemicals and heavy metals. But, deliberately, this information is usually omitted from the consumer, “AlineMagellan. In addition, there are volatile substances and, when inhaled, can cause respiratory allergies and aggravate asthma and rhinitis frames.

If there are changes in pregnancy, postpartum locks they may be even more pronounced. “At that stage the hormones return to previous levels and the wires come intoyour telogen phase (fall), making the hair more fragile, thin and brittle,” says AlineMagellan. But there’s no need to despair. The stage is fleeting and, in a few months, everything will be back to normal.

While the baby arrives, take advantage of the tips of Humberto Tindó to maintain the health of the hair during pregnancy:

-Keep hair clean and moisturized.

-Choose a shampoo suitable for your type of scalp.

-Adopt a balanced diet-high in vitamins and nuts as vegetables, vegetables and fruits.

Cheer up! Many moms have found a way to circumvent the prohibition of the use ofdyes, Straighteners, and permanent. They have resorted to locks, lights and reflections applied with CAP and that, therefore, does not allow contact of ink with the scalp. Still, the experts recommend the application after the first trimester pregnancy.

Remember that the arrival of a baby is reason to celebrate. Celebrate the beauty of this phase your natural artifice. valuing Lance a pretty cut and bet in tinsel (bridal tiaras, Barrettes, sashes and bows). Enjoy the season’s change and change you too!