Petter Got United States!

By road: it was a hard day in the saddle with constant rain, cold and wind when New York Gran Fondo was carried out. Our columnist Petter Alexis was charged to a thousand for the year’s big goals and he completed the race in an impressive way.

“What a fucking day! Fyfan what I ripped and I’m totally proud of myself that managed the race. It was no easy task with doctors from the first to the last meter. But it was an awesome race, wonderful arranged with police officers along the entire course, jam-packed langnings stations and generally grim mood among the participants. When the weather is bad and it is constantly freezing, it is easy to forget to eat, drink, pull the right switch, stand up at regular intervals and stretch your back when you get the chance. Andreas did an awesome job when he constantly reminded about everything important, and also placed us right in the positions among the clusters and warned so we did not have punctures and crashes. I can’t wait already to the next challenge, “says Petter before he hastily must draw on to celebrate with a purchase of new sneakers.

“It was a powerful morning when 7,000 cyclists at the George Washington Bridge while left in the rain and I think we made the race as we planned. Given the bad weather, it was much tougher than I thought and the roads were patchy in poor condition, so you have to keep an eye on himself in order to avoid problems. Petter did a few short visits to the basement, he had a nice attitude during the whole match and I am impressed on how much he lift out as a cyclist in such a short time. And I am even more impressed by his wife Michaela actually implemented exactly the same thing as Petter – but with a constant smile, says Andreas Danielsson, editor in Chief of Bicycling Sweden.