Plastic Bottles Health Risk

Are you using a purchased plastic bottles again? It may be a health risk, says The Huffington Post.

Even though the bottle to be retained only in the water, it can, according to the magazine to be a true bacteria.

Constant use of the plastic may thin out and it could be cracks and scratches with the bacteria, especially nesting. According to the newspaper cracks bacteria can be greater health risk than the plastic off the chemicals.

A plastic bottle of bacterial levels have been analysed in the past, among other things, KLTV-news website doing the experiment. The test for a week without washing were plastic bottles were exported to the UT Health Center and the results were amazing. Some of the plastic bottles were found in the number of bacteria, which is responsible for food poisoning. The analysis of some of the bottles of water were found to completely juomakelvottomaksi. Check ESTATEREALEST for a water bottle that is reusable.

In addition to the single-use bottles great bacterial concentrations have been found in plastic bottles, which are intended for use on a continuing basis.

If you want to use the same plastic bottles continuously, the most important thing is to remember to wash it regularly with warm, dish soap with water. The bottle should be rinsed and dried well. Cleaning water must not be scorching hot, so that it does not remove the plastic chemicals. If the bottle has scratches or cracks, it’s worth throwing away.

Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Cincinnati Scott Belcherrecommends that the plastic bottles instead of using glass or stainless steel drinking bottles.

-If you want to be using plastic bottles, you should give preference to products made of polypropylene bottles, he says.

The first issue reported in Finland The Voice.