Plus Size Swimwear Trends

Finally summer! Did you have already the first summer days with temperatures around 20 degrees? At least now it’s time to stock up on Plus Size Swimwear to fully enjoy the lake, the swimming pool or on the beach during the summer this year may.

Swimwear in large sizes: a vexed issue?

It can not be said often enough: Ladies, do not be shy! There are still far too many plus size women who are ashamed to show himself in xxl swimsuit or xxl bikini. Swimwear is often relatively relentlessly our figure, with long pants or waist area can hardly hide something. That you need but also not! You’re just as you are, if your you now covered or not. Nevertheless, there are very advantageous Plus Size Swimwear for curvy women. You can live you in bikini and swimsuit as fashionable and your best side stress how normal everyday clothes also. Swimwear in large quantities is not just a compromise!

Plus Size Swimwear Trends

No one should be able to spoil the summer because he is afraid of scrutinizing glances. Be confident-you know you and your figure. If you feel well, is that the most important thing. Nobody can change that, whether I like you or not him. Most fears are completely unfounded and women are much too strict with yourself.

Plus size swimwear 2016: there will be colorful!

Basics in black always go this year. But especially orange and turquoise tones are. This includes eg also coral. These colors just come on a good mood. In addition to tone-on-tone swimwear or the game with shades, but more colorful models are also popular. Patterns can now be found often in the swimwear department, primarily floral all-over prints in all sorts of designs may not be missing. Another popular pattern of the season: stripes, whether narrow or wide, whether mixed solo or with patterns.

Sweet details are at Swimwear IN

In another blog post I told you already, the trends of the season 2016 presented. Perhaps you’ve noticed that stripes, patterns and orange are popular not only in swimwear. It is similar with the other fashion trends spring / summer 2016. Many were simply transferred to the swimwear with. There would, for example, fringe, ruffles and flounces. With fringes and ruffles especially bikini tops and chest area of swimsuits are jazzed. Ruffles embellish even the simple bikini bottom. Especially for plus-size model this trend is absolutely beneficial because these sweet Details swirl around the figure very clever – and also conceals something.

Another big trend are cut-out models. Where the cut is set right here, is quite arbitrary. Classically, the waist is cut. But even at the top or at the back of the trend is used. Due to be wound bands, especially under the chest area, the playful cut-out effect is further enhanced. Something unusual is last but not least the trend for sporting bikinis. Tops in bustier style, with sporty stitching or zippers combine sex appeal with with cool surfer girl look!