Post of the Reader: the Birth of a Sobrevivencialista

When I first saw the word sobrevivencialismo, I said EUREKA! I didn’t know that my “Manias” (second third party rating) had a definition, a name! Anyway, I saw my image in the mirror!

You can imagine that I, being a woman, had the typical creation of a girl. Unlike my brethren, I was taught to stay far away from what society still calls “masculine posture.” However, today in the family, I am the one who enjoys cars and motorbikes, weapons, life in the bush, contraptions, constructions and a multitude of things considered taboo for many women, thanks to our culture. Oddly enough that she seems to be a teenager in the decade of 90 it was not very different than to be a girl of the 60 years, as was my mother: behaved, subservient and codata. So I saw myself driven to go gradually breaking family and social barriers to get out of that prison. I’ve been opening up space, between the frivolous music lessons and a embroidery and the other, to discover my most authentic tastes. Hai who loses tenderness!

After having recently recognized this word that echoed in me, then I realized that my posture was not novelty and not a lot of random things, and that, in fact, possessed quite ideological background. Although of diffuse and definitely not closed origin, the Sobrevivencialismo constitutes a framework containing countless possibilities, among which various theories and practices of different cultures and epochs, which were being incorporated. Some of these have been growing with me, according to my searches and one pulling the other as a consequence, but all having as North the self knowledge and self sufficiency.

Since too young, for example, I carried the backpack things that usually the girls (and not even the boys! They charged: stylus, adhesive tapes, water bottle, miscellaneous snacks, an extra blouse and/or a coat, propolis for bruises and sometimes a hat or cap. I have used several of these items, often and in several situations, for my relief, my welfare, my safety and personal care, and I am thankful for my cleverness cream! When I forgot something, and I went through have good time for not being with the item, hated me for having been relapse and/or listened to the “freaks”: people who don’t understand why you’re so “weirdo”. Don’t be fooled, there’s a lot more of these guys out there than we’d like!

I’ve been growing up in these my “manias” and seeking new learning, enriching me. I studied conscious feeding, Aikido, body therapies, constructive techniques and agriculture, besides the use of various tools and the things that can be done with them. I began to find really very entertaining the instant analyses that people made from me, from their prejudices and personal perspectives, and generally did not care, even in front of impositional postures.

My first defense item was acquired in 2004. A sports knife of Tramontina, Blade 5 “, which at the time was still made of molybdenum chromium. It has safe-T type guard, with Serration, wire bender and bottle opener. The cable is in ABS plastic and the handle is type X-grip (which covered with leather strap to make it firmer and softer to use). It came with a abotoável sheath for the knife and afivelável to the body. I called her biguana. I use little and carry with me only on the adventures in the Bush or the works on the farm. I created this habit of making use of it only exceptionally, because people have prejudices like: 1) “That’s a man’s thing!”; 2) is a “weapon” (Jura?); 3) and what, besides “hurting Me” (hi?); 4) I could be considered a criminal (with the new legislation, perhaps). But it’s amazing how people believe it’s the instruments that move and kill themselves! And the defence, where is it, people? In the hands of a third party? I don’t want to be the princess at the top of the tallest tower awaiting the ogre Savior.

From the “strange” backpacks, to the taste for “dangerous” knives and weapons and the studies of theories by self-sufficiency, Western and Oriental, the world Sobrevivencialista has shown me increasingly that, yes, women need to enter into this universe. and urgently! For our own assurance of physical integrity (and psychic) in a world in a free transformation, with a visible increase of its diverse fundamentalism. And men, generally more involved in this subject, can (and should) help us in this matter. We appreciate it.

Being sobrevivencialista is to be awake. If it is not by ourselves, it is at least by external influence and support!