Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness is an expression in English that, quite literally, it means “random acts of kindness”.

I got in touch with her for the first time still working on advertising agencies. At the time, such random acts of kindness had become a fever between brands that wanted to get closer to their consumers.You know those YouTube videos in which a mark will go and surprise the guy and gives him a gift? Type it here. Or that.

The videos were cute and viralizavam in no time. Consumers spent finding the coolest brand because, right? Giving this cute out there, who’s not happy? And the brand will be happy also because, right?Won Ratings and such.

But the truth is that the expression turned Understander, born among the people, in a way much more beautiful and true. According to Wikipedia, she was born here in California (more precisely, next door to San Francisco, Sausalito), when a young woman (Anne Herbert) wrote, in a tablecloth from a restaurant, the following sentence: “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” ( in the original: “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty“).

The phrase gained the world and still inspires people to practice good “without look at who” and be generous, even with strangers. Leave a coffee paid to the person who is behind you in the queue. Leave a positive message in a book back to the library. Commend the clothes of someone you don’t know.

This Saturday, someone did this to us.

The day was beautiful here in San Francisco. Sun and heat hot those that invite us to leave home to live life. The bike and went ofus explore the city a little aimlessly.

After almost 1 hour walking, we ended up in front of Giants Stadium, the baseball team here in San Francisco. We don’t know anything about baseball, but, man, can you understand how crazy people here have for the team. Queues of people wearing orange whole along around the stadium. The Giants are the only baseball team of San Francisco, so there is no crowd against. Everyone who like baseball in SF wear orange on game day. And, if that wasn’t enough to infect two Brazilians who understand nothing of the sport, the team is still the largest current u.s. champion, having won three national titles in the last five years.

Locked the bikes on the side of the stadium and we take a closer look at that party. I got 4 hours to the game start. All Gates closed. But the people kept coming. Entire families with small children dressed in Orange caps. People eating pizza in the queues, taking pictures, walking up and down, described by Ethnicityology.

Walking around the stadium and seeing all the movement had no way off:

“We have to plan to come another day, huh?”

“You have! I want to come! Too cool it! ”

Behold, in the middle of our conversation in Portuguese, one hears:


A gringo, his 40-somethings. On his side, a redhead, danced up and down, obviously excited with the whole party.

Pick up in the bag. The gringo was there from California, but in love with Brazil. Dated there, surfed there, made friends there. And when he heard our Portuguese, sympathized. Told us that had 4 tickets, were to be him, his wife and two children. But his wife and young son couldn’t make it. And he had two left.

“Want to come with us?”

We had half a minute of conversation. Random act of kindness.

We got into the stadium with them. But it wasn’t just to see the game. They had registered to be volunteers in an award ceremony of players that would happen before the game itself. So, we enter the lawn. With the crowded Stadium. All players on the Giants in the field receiving their awards, people of the old time being honored, the US anthem playing and the people in the middle of the lawn, helping to open the flag.

It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, simply because it was so unexpected, so surprising.

After the ceremony, we went to the stands and watched the game while with the redhead dancer of 10 year old explaining all the rules.

The Giants won the game. We gained friends and sometime you can’t forget.

I went home thinking about those things that make us happy. When I was happier in my life. Close your eyes and think too. See, in many of these memories, you weren’t happy because he made someone happy. You don’t make any money off this, but see the happiness of someone and have caused this feeling is something so crazy, so powerful. Remember how to give a gift to someone you love is better than to receive one? And give a smile and receive it back? And save the day for someone who’s down?

The world needs it. More love, generosity and random acts of kindness. But apart from the world, we need that. Doesn’t cost much to be happy. Even more when you’re happy making someone else happy to ride.