Replace Plastic Containers with Glass

We have three new beverage bottles. I ordered all of its own and the jokes that I am happy! I have been a p i t k n kämpästä to throw this all plastic bottles and replace them with glass and/or teräksisillä. This is so söötit my opinion. The host in the United teräksenharmaa, the fortune of the purple and pink wanted to. And btw, this is not a paid advertisement, just like our own little pennosillani these kustansin. I am just so excited for these!

I’m having a Röhnischin or minkälien when training was not someone with a plastic bottle and, believe it or not, the water really gets it, use a plastic taste. Yöks.:/ The longer I kuskaa plastic bottles in a bag comes with absolutely nothing, and no one else in the family.

The bottles are stainless steel brand and BUSINESSJUST has a lifetime warranty. The CAP is made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that the bottle that you drink does not dissolve any extra. Here’s a small infopläjäys of these bottles:

“All Pura bottles is made of stainless steel # 304, which is known for its resistance to erosion, as well as against oxidation. In addition, the bottles are antibacterial. This is how the bottles are perfect for use in drinking pulloina. For the same reasons, the material is also used for the transportation and storage of food. Stainless steel does not react with acids which makes the surface of the bottle does not stick to the taste of beverages and bottles can be put on the soft drinks. Many of the cheap bottles made from the lower grades of senior stainless steel in the manufacture of which is used for the unspecified alloys. Such products do not reach the sustainability # 304: level and are not certified for the storage of food. Too thin steel (< 0.5 mm) cylinders are sensitive to painaumille and puhkeamiselle.

Stainless steel # 304 does not need to be a sisäpinnoitetta, which is one of the chemicals in the material of the coolest features. Aluminum bottles and halpatuotteet is lined with protective foil.Film coating, however, the idea of muovittomasta the bottle as this invalidates the whole bottle is not better than an ordinary plastic bottle.

Extracting the bottles do not contain toxins and Bisphenol A All the bottles, their components and accessories are tested by independent laboratories worldwide. They have also received certificates, according to which the products do not contain Bisfenol A-compound, lead, phthalates or nitrogen-compounds. The bottles, which are made of plastic or of plastic parts contain some amounts of Bpa, which is expressed by independent tests. ” (Source: Ipanajamit).

And this not to miss this! The group is, in fact, also unpack the Kiki-baby bottles, which I’m going to have a Bomb.

And now I ask you: do you have any readers experience these or other teräksisistä or glass baby bottles? Tips are welcome! Happiness, in due course, plastic bottles, but now the disparagement is forced to say all plastic (was bisfenolia or not), that

NO, THANK YOU. My personal opinion is that in the world there is enough plastic. Although part of the plastic baby bottles are said to be quite safe, there is a better alternative to glass or steel.

  1. And if/when the mut stamped on this intoilevaksi hipiksi, so you may visit the sivistämässä themselves, for example, thisTrade Magazine article which explains the EU Commission promoted in glass bottles instead of plastic materials and articles. ;)Klik

Here can be found in the EU directive. If you still want to read more, so the subject is the author of at least Bebesinfo and the chemical cocktail.
Edit. The list of this places, of which the above bottles may be acquired, if someone is interested and a note to myself (even though Mr. Google will definitely help as well).