Researched for You: Electric Bikes in Test

Recently I came across a statistics that surprised me: Bikes with electric motor are becoming more and more popular.As far as okay – that was to be expected.The fact that their market share has almost tripled within four years and now stands at eleven per cent, I found however nevertheless remarkable.

The two-wheeler industry association (ZIV) estimates the number of bicycles in Germany to be about 71 million, of which more than 1.6 million electric bicycles – mostly pedelecs . Last year alone, every tenth new bike purchased was equipped with an auxiliary motor. The infographic makes the development clear.

According to ZIV, there are more and more younger people, especially urban residents, who discover an electric bike for themselves.According to a recent survey, almost a quarter of all professionals can imagine driving a car with such a modern bangle.

What do those who already have a pedelec or e-bike say?And to which test results do experts come from?Which two-wheelers with pedal support are recommended, which not?What is to be considered when buying?I have researched for you on the internet, which gives answers to these questions.

50 models rated

Of the currently available 2,000 electric bikes available in the market, ExtraEnergy tested 50 models in eleven categories in its latest test.

The registered association has dedicated itself to the spread and sustainable development of light electric vehicles such as pedelecs and e-bikes.He performs independent tests at regular intervals.The evaluation is geared to customer requirements – depending on the application with different weighting.

In order to find a good quality pedelec, consumers should pay attention to the CE, GS and BATSO certification .ExtraEnergy recommends to ask the dealer for the declaration of conformity and to carry out a thorough test before purchasing.

The complete study can be read in the journal ElektroBIKE (issue 01/2014, from April in the magazine trade or as a download) as well as in the ExtraEnergy magazine (issue no.9).

Tips from the accident research

The accident research of the insurers (UDV) deals with the traffic safety of the electromotorized wire wheels.Since pedelecs can reach a higher speed, the frame should be stable and the wheel should be equipped with very good brakes.The characteristic of the motor also plays a role in safety.

The test results from ADAC and Stiftung Warentest from last year show that these requirements are far from fulfilling all the pedelecs.Of the 16 tested models, 14 have flawed faults in frames, handlebars and brake systems, or emitted electromagnetic waves well above the defined limit.Neither the manufacturer’s name nor the price reliably point to the quality of an electric bike, the experts say.

The UDV gives you 10 tips for the purchase – repaired in a graphic graphic.Although these are almost two years old, but from my point of view still useful.

Forum with experience reports

Users who rely on the experience of the users, should read in forums.One thing I found during my research and was very informative is the “Pedelec Forum”.The contributions are so numerous that I can only tear them out: owners of electric two-wheelers provide test reports, discuss, among other things, about usage behavior, motorization, range or bicycle components.They also advise each other when buying or converting.Pedelec and e-bike newcomers can get rid of their questions and get the opinions of the forum members.


The blogger Jochen Wulfkühler was last year as a pedelec tester during our RUNDUM tour.Normally, the Dresdner is more inland on “flat terrain” on the road.Now he had the opportunity to experience the bike on a mountainous track in the Tharandter Wald.Having arrived at the finish, he has a bit of compassion with the “real” pedal knights, who had to complete the entire tour from their own muscular power and draws a positive conclusion.

Performance study of students

To what extent electromotors support bicyclists in the stomping, a group of students of the Duales Hochschule Baden-Würtemberg (DHBW) Ravensburg, campus Friedrichshafen is currently even scientifically investigating.They want to find out how the motorized wireles prove themselves against conventional bicycles and whether there are health benefits.

On a long-distance tour from Lake Constance to Berlin the team is investigating in these days, which different performance of the cyclists with the respective vehicle must bring up.It is to be shown, that the driving with auxiliary motor is more hingeless and the fat reduction better supports.On the results I’m very curious.

Already next week, the students here with us in the blog a first record.In autumn, when all the data are evaluated, they will then present their study in detail.

How does it look like:Have you ever moved on to a pedelec or e-bike?What are your experiences?