Retro Football Shirts Adidas Originals to Look This Euro

Approaching the umpteenth Grand soccer event of the year and should be prepared to do so. The other day my colleague Lorentzo presented line of polos and t-shirts that Pull & Bear has taken the occasion of Euro 2012, and now is Adidas Originals which does not offer its line of retro soccer jerseys.

It’s about Polos and t-shirts inspired by which wore the national combined from Spain, Germany, France and Italy years ago. Spain’s World Cup 94 (that of the nudge to Luis Enrique), although I wonder why have chosen a so darn ugly zamarra like that for inspiration, as it has come to be included among the ten ugliest shirts in the history of the selections.

Germany is same as which the always elegant Franz Beckenbauer wore to lift the European Championship in 1972 and the World Cup in 1974, with his hair in the wind. Italy t-shirt – the second Kit – sweated the great Gigi Riva in the 1970 world, which lost against the Brazil of Pelé, and the euro that won two years earlier, in 1978. The France not I’ve been able to recognize, because it is not with which Platini, also with mane, won the first European Championship to the Gauls in 1984 (against Spain).

Spain, on the other hand, is World Cup United States, where we fell unjustly to Italy (in quarters, of course, with the famous Tasotti nudge) and carries the number 5. A somewhat strange decision as it was the dorsal of Abelardo, a defense that will not go to history – and not very handsome, everything is said. I would have preferred to return to the mythical Arconada t-shirt or perhaps that of the first euro we earn, in 1964, although that was not to be adidas.

Without a doubt, that most vintage marked air they have are Germany, long-sleeved and collarless, and France, with Fleur de Lis as a shield, since they are t-shirts that wore in the years 70 and 80, although the aesthetic is, of course, the Italian.

The sale price is not known, but already you can tell if you see me wearing one of them on the street, it won’t be with our selection, not by not wanting to support, but because this is really horrible. Well, and if I take it, will ironically, as also does make some honoured t-shirts world, when it is a Special Edition for Euro 2012.